Quick Facts about After Life TV Show before I start

  • Three seasons with season 1 having six episodes, season 2 having also six episodes and season 3 having six episodes as well
  • The plot can be found Hier
  • Cast is Hier

After life is all about a shocked man who lost his wife that died to breast cancer. The show depicts his struggles to keep up with life as he is going through this sorrowful event.

In season 1, the key events and takeaways are

  •  Tony the main character (Ricky Gervais) is having hard time balancing his grief with his work life where his coworkers started to get affected by his behavior.
  • Tony started to think in taking heroin out of misery.
  • Despising the idea of doing heroin, he decided to babysit his nephew.
  • Tony started to feel bonded with Sandy, a caretaker at a facility where his father lives, during visits to his dad.
  • Tony decided to take a final space from others before showing gratefulness and recognition to those who supported him

In season 2, the key events and takeaways are

  • Tony thinks its time to adapt and decides to attend a meditation course while supporting his Matt, his cousin and boss, whose marriage is on the fall
  • Along with his adaptation efforts, Tony saved the newspaper he works at from being sold out by its owner by having a deep conversation with him.
  • With Tony restoring his mental and emotional balance, he received another devastating news about his father. He then decided there is no hope in moving on.