Using Burp Suite as a penetration tester

The first step in learning the techniques contained within this e-book is to download the Burp Suite application.

The download page is available here:

You will need to decide which edition of Burp Suite you would like to download from the following:
• Professional
• Community
• Enterprise : This product is designed for large companies to run Burp Scanner
across thousands of targets
• Dastardly : This edition only provides Burp Scanner capabilities and is specifically
designed to integrate with Jenkins and other CI tools as jobs within a DevOps pipeline.

Who Are These Notes For?

  • Cybersecurity students preparing for certification exams such as OSCP.
  • Professionals who are actively working in the field and need a set of ready and consice notes on using BurpSuite.
  • Savvy learners who want a concise set of notes to learn how to use Burp Suite.

Burp Suite Practical Study Notes

Table of Contents:

Introduction; Definition & Functionality of BurpSuite

Downloading and Installing

Burp Proxy: BurpSuite Proxy allows you to intercept HTTP traffic such as HTTP requests and responses in order to modify them for testing purposes.

Burp Intruder: Burp Intruder allows a tester to brute-force or fuzz specific portions of an HTTP message, using customized payloads.

Burp Repeater:  BurpSuite Repeater allows you to manually modify and then re-issue an individual HTTP request, analyzing the response that you receive.

– BurpComparer

– Burp Sequencer

Burp Encoder/Decoder: Burp Decoder is a tool that allows the tester to convert raw data into encoded data or to take encoded data and convert it back to plain text. Decoder supports several formats, including URL encoding, HTML encoding, Base64 encoding, binary code, hashed data, and others. Decoder also includes a built-in hex editor.

– Burp Infiltrator

– Burp Vulnerability Scanner

– Other BurpSuite components such as BurpSuite Organizer, Burp Extensions and Burp Macros

– Practical Scenarios: 7 scenarios

Pages: 53

Format: PDF

Burp Suite Practical Notes
Burp Suite Practical Notes
Burp Suite Practical Notes

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Burp Suite Practical Notes

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