What is Snort IDS?

The most popular Open Source Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in the world is called Snort. Snort IPS searches for packets that match against a set of rules it has created to help define malicious network activity. It then provides alerts for users.

Additionally, Snort can be implemented inline to block these packets. Snort has three main applications: as a packet sniffer similar to tcpdump; as a packet logger useful for troubleshooting network traffic; or as a full-fledged network intrusion prevention system. Both private and commercial users can download and set up Snort.

Why will you need a notes system?

You could be actively working as an incident responder or you could be preparing and studying for a Snort certification exam. In both cases, a set of notes maintained in your repository where you can search for commands, concepts or use cases that could aid you in the task you are performing is necessary for a productive studying and/or working.

The Snort IDS Field Notes Catalog

Simply this 24-pages booklet covers operational Snort notes, configurations, rule setup, rule examples, creating and configuring rules in addition to scenarios and commands for use cases.

Snort IDS Notes Snort IDS Notes

How to buy the booklet?

You can buy the booklet directly by clicking on the button below

Snort IDS Notes

After you buy the booklet, you will be able to download the PDF booklet along with the markup files if you want to import them to Obsidian software.

What about the notes updates?

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Will the prices of this booklet change in the future?

Once another version of this booklet is released, which it will, the price will slightly change as the booklet will include more contents, notes and illustrations.