What is OSCP?

From Wikipedia:

Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP, also known as OffSec Certified Professional) is an ethical hacking certification offered by Offensive Security (or OffSec) that teaches penetration testing methodologies and the use of the tools included with the Kali Linux distribution (successor of BackTrack).

Why will you need a notes system?

You could be actively working as a penetration tester or you could be preparing and studying for a certification exam such as Offensive security certified professional. In both cases, a set of notes maintained in your repository where you can search for commands, concepts or use cases that could aid you in the task you are performing is necessary for a productive studying and/or working.

The OSCP Study Notes Catalog

This is a 1099 pages of notes that will guide and help you prepare for and pass the OSCP exam.

Table of contents:

– Information Gathering & Enumeration

– Network & Web Exploitation

– OS & Application Exploitation

– Linux Privilege Escalation

– Windows Privilege Escalation

– Active Directory Pentesting

– Buffer OverFlow and Binary Exploitation

– Databases Exploitation

– Password Cracking

– Reverse Shells

– Windows & Linux

oscp notes oscp notes oscp notes

How to buy the booklet?

You can buy the booklet directly by clicking on the button below

Buy OSCP Notes in PDF

After you buy the booklet, you will be able to download the PDF booklet along with the markup files if you want to import them to Obsidian software.

What about the notes updates?

if you have been watching my YouTube Channel, you definitely know that those who subscribe to the second tier of my channel membership they instantly get access to a vast catalog of cybersecurity, penetration testing, digital marketing, system administration and data analytics notes catalog for just 10$ along with the ability to receive all notes updates as long as they are subscribed so what does that mean?

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However, if you are fine with downloading the current version of this section of the notes then you can buy this booklet instead for a one-time payment.

Will the prices of this booklet change in the future?

Once another version of this booklet is released, which it will, the price will slightly change as the booklet will include more contents, notes and illustrations.

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