Why Do We Need A Set of Notes Whether for Studying or Working?

Most of us regardless of the field of we work we do need a reference to get back to when we need something that went out of memory. In cyber security, maintaining a list of notes and categorizing them is tremendously important as not everyone is able to remember details such as command line switches.

Over time, We built a huge list of cyber security, digital marketing, IT and data anal notes inspired from field work, CTF challenges, interviews with professionals and academicians ,self learning or even taken from books we occasionally read.

That’s why I offer my notes to be accessed online and on-demand for those who want to save their time and have a single cyber security, digital marketing, IT and data analytics reference of ready and up to date study notes.

Components of The Full Notes System

  • Cybersecurity & Penetration Testing Field Notes
  • Certification notes such as COMPTIA Pentest+ & OSCP.
  • Digital Marketing, SEO & Ads.
  • Data Analytics
  • IT & System Administration

What Are The Subjects Covered in Each Category of The Notes System?

CyberSecurity Subjects Covered:

  • Red Team: web application penetration testing notes, Buffer overflow binary exploitation notes, Windows active directory penetration testing, Windows and Linux privilege escalation and more.
  • Blue Team: Notes in using Splunk SIEM, Snort IDS, SOC analyst notes, secure coding, incident response and more.

Digital Marketing Subjects Covered:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media Advertising

IT & System Administration Subjects Covered:

  • Windows Management
  • Linux Management
  • Web: Database and WordPress
  • Troubleshooting technical errors

Data Analytics Subjectes Covered:

  • Data analytics with Python
  • Data analytics with Excel
  • Data analytics with IBM and Google products.

Accessing the cybersecurity notes catalog

After subscribing, you will get access to an online portal ( you will be given a password) that houses and stores all the notes. Some notes are stored as PDF files in Google drive. You can also find the links of these notes in the portal.

Below is a quick look on the portal

cyber security, penetration testing, digital marketing, data analytics and system administration notes

How To Get Access To The Notes?

Since the notes system is diverse and covers many subject including Cybersecurity, we created two ways to offer access to the notes

  • Subscription based (10$/mo) : in this option, you can get access to all the notes classified under all subjects. You will have the portal password in addition to access to the Google drive library. You can subscribe through a YouTube membership by clicking on JOIN and selecting “cyber security notes” or through buymeacoffee membership.
  • One-time purchase (259$) : If you are interested only in one subject, you can purchase from of the available notes for full time purchase. The notes and e-books available for one-time purchase can be found here and the full catalog can be found here.

See below for a brief comparison:


  • Regular content updates delivered through newsletters.
  • Access to all the categories and over 3K Pages.

One-Time Purchase

  • No subscription fees.
  • Accessing/Downloading only the purchased E-book.
  • No regular content updares.

Notes: The notes in PDF can only be checked online in order to preserve your paid subscriptions we prevent downloading offline copies / copying text to prevent any possible leak to the free internet pages which wastes your paid subscriptions by letting others download it for free therefore we only offer the notes that contain long scripts/commands to be downloaded just for convenience reasons.


  • I am interested only in a subset of these notes, how can I get them for a one-time payment?

Please view the available notes that can be downloaded and bought for a one-time payment from this link

  • How often do you update the notes with new contents?

Notes are updated at least one-time a week with new contents. Updates are delivered through either the online portal or through Google Drive and they are announced through the community tab of the Youtube channel if you are a subscribed member to the channel membership.

  • Can I buy The Complete Cybersecurity catalog for a one-time payment?

You asked for it and now it has become available. Now you can purchase the full catalog for a one-time payment if you are not interested in the monthly subscription. You can buy it from here.