This Rick and Morty-themed challenge requires you to exploit a web server and find three ingredients to help Rick make his potion and transform himself back into a human from a pickle.

To Complete the challenge, we performed an Nmap scanning to enumerate open ports and we discovered an HTTP service which after enough enumeration we were able to extract username from the page source code. Using directory brute force we were able to discover a password in robot.txt file which led us to log in to the web application. Enumerating the web application for vulnerabilities using the authenticated access we discovered a vulnerable command module which enabled us to gain reverse shell and extract the ingredients related to the challenge. Linux privilege escalation was accomplished by exploiting sudo permissions to gain Root shell.

Obtenga notas del certificado OSCP

Respuestas al desafío

What is the first ingredient that Rick needs?

What is the second ingredient in Rick’s potion?

What is the last and final ingredient?

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