In this review series, I will be reviewing the IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate from Coursera as I make progress with each course included in the program. I will split the review based on the course so in this post I am reviewing the first course in the series: Introduction to Data Analytics

The objective of this course is to introduce you to concepts in data analysis including data types, the data ecosystem, the pipeline of data gathering, collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualizations, and of course how to communicate results.

Expected Time of Completion: One Week

The course consists of 4 weeks with each week having 1 graded quiz. To pass this course, you have to pass all the graded quizzes in addition to the final peer review assignment to get the certificate.

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Weeks modules

Week 1: What is Data Analytics

Week 2: The Data Ecosystem

Week 3: Gathering and Wrangling Data

Week 4: Mining & Visualizing Data and Communicating Results

The audience of this course consists of everyone interested in data analysis, currently, data analysts refreshing on their knowledge of data scientists.

This might be easy to do but make sure you understand the concepts outlined in this course as you will need them throughout the rest of the program and to pass the final exam.

The certificate looks like below:

Introduction to Data Analytics - IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate Review

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