In this post, we covered important web components such as load balancers, CDNs, Web application firewalls, DNS Servers ,etc as part of TryHackMe Putting it all together

To summarize, when you request a website, your computer needs to know the server’s IP address it needs to talk to; for this, it uses DNS. Your computer then talks to the web server using a special set of commands called the HTTP protocol; the webserver then returns HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Images, etc., which your browser then uses to correctly format and display the website to you. There are also a few other components that help the web run more efficiently and provide extra features.

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  • Load Balancers
  • CDN (Content Delivery Networks)
  • Databases
  • WAF (Web Application Firewall)

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What can be used to host static files and speed up a clients visit to a website?

What does a load balancer perform to make sure a host is still alive?

What can be used to help against the hacking of a website?

What does web server software use to host multiple sites?

What is the name for the type of content that can change?

Does the client see the backend code? Yay/Nay


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