About Me

Overview of my professional and coaching experience

Professionally speaking, I have been working in the CyberSecurity field for four straight years ranging from full time to consultation services.  I helped clients mainly in the healthcare industry and it’s business associates with security consultation, penetration testing, vulnerability management, and security training.

Currently, I am working in business IT with a security consultation in Turkey.

Confusingly throughout the past eight years, I also worked in Search engine optimization and Google Adwords. I still provide freelance consultation to existing clients I am currently working with. Having to be up to date with many field areas is something difficult and time-consuming but if the ability to consolidate them together isn’t impossible especially if you have already learned it you can’t help but use it 🙂

In my free time, I provide fitness and diet coaching consultation relying heavily on the experience I gained in the last two years since I started adopting fasting focused lifestyle and the transformation I went through. I decided to get some handle on this and I enrolled in a certification program from ISSA in sport and nutrition. Although I don’t teach many of these concepts to my clients rather I advocate for fasting lifestyles combined with mental and psychological training.

Educational background:

Bachelor in Biomedical engineering / Minor in healthcare management from Bahcesehir University.

Master of cybersecurity from Charles sturt university.

Certified CISSP/Cisco CyberOps/ SSCP/ Google Cloud Security Engineer

Sport and Nutrition Specialist from ISSA.

Fields of Experience:

1- Penetration testing and Incident response

2- SEO / Google Adwords

3- Business IT / CRM Analytics / Data Analytics

4- Fitness, Diet, and Aesthetics Programming.


1- Arabic [Mother’s tongue]

2- English [ Full working Fluency ]

3- Turkish [ Social fluency ]

4- Hebrew [ Social fluency ]

5- Spanish [ Starting off 🙂 ]

How about the non-professional experience 🙂

There is nothing special about me but over the past two years, I found out that becoming NATURALLY fit and aesthetic requires time, effort, dedication, discipline, passion, purpose, and last but not least training.

 Some Testimonials From Past Clients

Motasem hamdan - fitness coaching Motasem hamdan - fitness coaching Motasem hamdan - fitness coaching Motasem hamdan - fitness coaching

Alright then,

Since the day I got my sport and nutritional certification I was able to start helping people in their pursuit of acquiring a better life. Fitness and dieting is not a process or temporary medication you take to give up on later when you accomplish your goal.

Adopting a naturally healthy lifestyle is a standard you must adhere to all the time and in every aspect of your life. Its the mindset, not the programs that change you and put you in the right path.

Since I started coaching people at the onset of 2020, my goal was to help them achieve a better life by changing the way they think and perceive stuff.

I don’t coach you stuff that you might find on the internet by a couple of searches you do on Google or by reaching out to a registered nutritionist or a local GYM coach only to hear the same stuff over and over again and the results? throughout two years I’ve seen many people coming to the GYM and 90% of them look the same now as I see them when I go to the GYM unless they start to take hormones, steroids, enhancers, and other stuff to change the way they look.

What is the reason for that? 

The problem is not people but the problem lies in the concept they hear from the media, regular mainstream coaches, and other bodybuilders who pin their glutes and say that they acquired the huge mass through dedication and training. That’s the reason why most natural bodybuilders and those who are willing to lose weight fail even after a temporary success.

So what I offer you?

Most of my training programs are divided according to the goal being in pursuit.

Mainly I help males with

Building lean muscle while losing fat at the same time. Even if you can’t go to the GYM, I have you covered with training routines and dieting that requires you the minimum amount of time.

I help females with:

1- Losing weight while preventing any skin issues like saggy skin

2- Achieving the curvy look

Now if you are in Turkey-Istanbul, I train my clients in one of the most popular GYMs in Istanbul. The frequency and time of training are decided after a meeting. 

For fellas who live in Istanbul – Turkey, I provide the following training plans

1- GYM Sessions in one of the most popular GYMs in Istanbul. Location is provided upon agreement. The entries are free and provided by me. If you have an already registered membership in another GYM, then we would do the sessions at your training area.

2- Training Program + Diet Program. Training and diet programs are adjusted based on weight changes and milestones achieved.

3- Free consultation including on-call questions and answers

If you are outside Turkey, Then all the diet and training programs can be provided online with live consultation [ questions-answers] via call or texting. 

For fellas anywhere around the world, The online training package includes the following:

1- Training Program + Diet Program. Training and diet programs are adjusted based on weight changes and milestones achieved.

2- Free consultation including on-call questions and answers

You can contact me by mail on: