About Me

Overview of my professional and coaching experience

Professionally speaking, I have been working in the CyberSecurity field for four straight years ranging from full time to consultation services.  I helped clients mainly in the healthcare industry and it’s business associates with security consultation, penetration testing, vulnerability management, and security training.

Currently, I am working in business IT with a security consultation in Turkey.

Confusingly throughout the past eight years, I also worked in Search engine optimization and Google Adwords. I still provide freelance consultation to existing clients I am currently working with. Having to be up to date with many field areas is something difficult and time-consuming but if the ability to consolidate them together isn’t impossible especially if you have already learned it you can’t help but use it 🙂

In my free time, I provide fitness and diet coaching consultation relying heavily on the experience I gained in the last two years since I started adopting fasting focused lifestyle and the transformation I went through. I decided to get some handle on this and I enrolled in a certification program from ISSA in sport and nutrition. Although I don’t teach many of these concepts to my clients rather I advocate for fasting lifestyles combined with mental and psychological training.

Educational background:

Bachelor in Biomedical engineering / Minor in healthcare management from Bahcesehir University.

Master of cybersecurity from Charles sturt university.

Certified CISSP/Cisco CyberOps/ SSCP/ Google Cloud Security Engineer

Sport and Nutrition Specialist from ISSA.

Fields of Experience:

1- Penetration testing and Incident response

2- SEO / Google Adwords

3- Business IT / CRM Analytics / Data Analytics

4- Fitness, Diet and Aesthetics Programming.


1- Arabic [Mother tongue]

2- English [ Full working Fluency ]

3- Turkish [ Social fluency ]

4- Hebrew [ Social fluency ]

5- Spanish [ Starting off 🙂 ]