About Me

Overview Of My Professional Experience

Professionally speaking, I have been working in the CyberSecurity field for four straight years ranging from full time to consultation services.  I helped clients mainly in the healthcare industry and it’s business associates with security consultation, penetration testing, vulnerability management, and security training.

Confusingly throughout the past eight years, I also worked in Search engine optimization and Google Adwords. I still provide freelance consultation to existing clients I am currently working with. Having to be up to date with many field areas is something difficult and time-consuming but if the ability to consolidate them together isn’t impossible especially if you have already learned it you can’t help but use it 🙂

Educational background:

Bachelor in Biomedical engineering / Minor in healthcare management from Bahcesehir University.

Master of Cybersecurity from Charles Sturt university.

Fields of Experience:

1- Penetration Testing and Incident Response

2- SEO / Google Adwords / Social Media Advertising / CRM Analytics


In the CyberSecurity field, You can find all my certifications here

In The Digital Marketing Field, You can find all my certifications here

Sport and Nutrition Specialist from ISSA.


1- Arabic [Mother’s tongue]

2- English [ Full working Fluency ]

3- Turkish [ Social fluency ]

4- Hebrew [ Social fluency ]

5- Spanish [ Starting off 🙂 ]