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Summary of chapter 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 which are in PART I.

How to Play the Game MUSCLE and Win

The first step to winning at Mu$$le is Withstanding the Seduction. If you want to win the game, you have to build a shield against the manipulative tactics. You have to activate your real brain and reject the overwhelming amount of sorcery coming your way. In the beginning, the first bodybuilding products were weight sets. Some were made out of iron while others were plastic spheres filled with sand. The profit from sales was good but not spectacular because heavy-duty stuff like iron rarely breaks. Thus, the Milkmen had to design a better product that muscle fanboys will have to replace more often. Rumor has it that high level Milkmen met in a secret room lit only by the light of the moon and came up with the most genius solution ever – magical food supplements that make you more muscular.

Withstanding the Seduction is a tough mission when you are not present in reality. Most people break under the alluring heaviness of the woman’s stare, which seemingly holds the door to another domain full of otherworldly indulgence. I know it’s tempting to believe that your muscle idols are truthful, and the muscle industry is one happy family brought together by the relentless fight against muscle atrophy, but that is base level thinking. Your adversaries are playing games with your mind and dancing around the core issues. The muscle puppets controlled by the Milkmen can talk all day about protein flavor, but once you start questioning their motives and logic, you turn into a hater.

The Perfect Body Building Workout

At the beginning of your journey, you met many truth tellers trying to teach you how muscle building is done. They looked like muscle wizards and made you believe you can become one of them too. It seemed like an honest deal. They had what you wanted and were willing to show you a way to get it yourself for a small fee. You signed the contract and subscribed. Meanwhile, a demon smiled in the corner. The plan they gave you was fairly simple: 3 sets of 10 reps of all basic exercises until your muscles fill with so much blood that your skin tears like an undersized T-Shirt.

The reason for the success of the old motherfucker’s program was not exercise selection but progression. ‘The heart of every successful program is progression,” you wrote in your training diary.No progression, no gains.


How do you measure progress in the iron room? It’s tricky, but in general, you have to get stronger at different exercises without sacrificing technique. That improvement will trigger adaptation in your body that makes you more resilient and a little bigger…hopefully.People go to the gym and do the same workout for months without even thinking of increasing the weight or doing a harder exercise. As a result, there’s neither mass nor strength increase. When it comes to getting stronger progression is incredibly simple. You add weight to the bar for 6-12 weeks, then you cut back a little and build back up again to a number slightly higher than the starting point. This method is called cycling and can continue forever, provided that you respect your limitations, set realistic goals and take the necessary downtime. An example would be going from a set of 8 reps with 70 kg/110 lbs to a set of 8 reps with 100 kg/220lbs, then reducing the weight to 80 kg/175 lbs and building up to 110kg/240lbs.

Exterior modifications do not equal progress even though they may look like a rapid progression from the outside. True development is achieved by thickening the core, not by playing with options that do not affect the engine pushing you forward. You can change your rims and Facebook background all you want, but you will still have the same overall strength unless you improve the essential and build up your character, which is the element holding everything together. Most lifting warriors will never understand this and will continue to fight for diversification by modifying exercises, drinking the latest energy drinks, buying the latest supplements and looking for the perfect weightlifting routine. But nothing good is ever going to come out of similar strategy because the wrong variable is being altered. A variable that changes little to nothing.

BodyBuilding – Replica or Real Manliness?

No matter how you look at it, manliness has been under attack for decades. It seems that every man in the world has been raised by a single mother trying to be a superman. Children don’t have fathers anymore. Instead, they have a second mother that looks like a man. In the world of muscle and iron people see a way to reclaim their manliness. Most don’t even realize it, but this is one of the main driving forces behind the so-called relentless pursuit of muscle. You seek what you didn’t have in the past. You see the iron as the role model you never had. You want an environment where you can finally be a warrior instead of a rat. There’s a strong desire in you to express yourself, and the weight-room seems like a plausible solution.

The gym is one of the few places where the difference between males and females is still distinguishable. Men are naturally stronger than women and no amount of value twisting can change this fact. The only way women can beat men in the iron game is by taking steroids and mutating into hermaphrodites. Some do it.

Once you have been sucked into the muscle realm, you begin to lift like that’s your only mission in life. The weight room becomes a battleground where you are the fighting hero. Bitches can’t match you even if they try real hard. They may be doing CrossFit and facebooking about it, but they are still on a lower level. They are weak. They are females. You are the true fighter. They are nothing but cheerleaders stretching yoga pants.

Furthermore, lifting gives you something that very few people have today – physical strength above the average level. Nowadays you don’t even have to be amazing to get above the
threshold of mediocrity where most humanoids reside. Through training, you can reach a state allowing you to reconnect with life itself. When you’re in-between the weight and the ground you are alive. You are real. There’s no falseness. You no longer feel guilty when you call yourself a man.

When that happens weightlifting transforms in a cover-up. You may have big muscles and look like the action heroes from the movies, but inside you are still an insecure little boy. In fact, you  are even less of a man than you were before because now you are a shaved slave bowing down to the protein shake. You are afraid that you will lose your muscle mass. You love your armor of muscle, and you are not willing to give it up easily. I understand. I would hate to lose something I have worked for too. But there is a difference between a fear that mobilizes you and irrational corrosive anxiety eating you from the inside out to the point where you are nothing but a frightened subject.

The Perfect Rep Range

No matter how many reps or sets you do, it all comes down to tonnage and intensity. Those are the two essential elements of any workout. To achieve progress, you have to unify
them into an acceptable form generating progress. Tonnage per workout equals the total amount of weight lifted in one training session. For instance, if you perform 3 sets of 10 reps with 100 kilograms, the total tonnage is 3x10x100 = 3000 kilograms [1363 lbs.] But that number can be achieved by doing 5 sets of 6 reps with the same weight or by lifting 200 kg / 440 lbs for 15 repetitions. The tonnage is the same, but the intensity in the second case is higher. The combination of tonnage and intensity is similar to earning money.

Technically, the operation shouldn’t take a lot of time, unless you count the planning, but you can end up with some serious profit that may otherwise require 50 years of regular work. However, high intensity is really stressful and demands longer recovery time. You can’t rob a bank every day. On the other hand, going to work every day, earning little for decades, and accumulating some decent tonnage [bank] is way more realistic. The downside of this method is that you may never live to see your money. Therefore, the best approach is the synthesis of both elements. In money terms, this means that you have to find a bank that you can rob more frequently without getting caught or injured.

One of the ways to combine repetition training (higher tonnage) and intensity training (heavy weight) is to split each into different periods of one training cycle.
The classic approach is to start with high reps at the beginning and then progressively add weight each workout to increase the intensity.

Here’s a simple linear cycle combining high and low repetitions.

Week 1: 15 reps with 100;
Week 2: 10 reps with 120;
Week 3: 8 reps with 140;
Week 4: 5 reps with 160;
Week 5: 5 reps with 170;
Week 6: 3 reps with 180;
Week 7: 2-3 reps with 190;

At the end of the cycle, you should start another one with a heavier weight such as 110-115 and build back up again to a personal record. Obviously, if you want to focus more on reps rather than intensity you can increase the number of weeks during which you do high repetitions.

Will I go to hell if I take steroids?

Are you really a bad person if you take steroids? Five years ago, I would have said yes, but my opinion on the subject has evolved. I don’t think that taking steroids is that big of a crime against society anymore. If you want to play darts with your glutes and load yourself with synthetic hormones to increase the downstairs humidity of local village whores, so be it. You certainly have the right to do so. You are one of the main owners of your body, and thus modifications are allowed. The key term here is “conscious choice.” How many people truly know what they are doing when they use steroids? Are you choosing to become a steroid user because you truly want to follow the path of the needle or are you simply too weak to fend off the attacks generated by your drunk ego serving false heroes and illogical societal expectations? Are you the one who wants the drugs or is the system sending demons to mess with your head and push you into a pit you may never come back from?

Of course, some steroid users are smarter than the mannequins who want big muscles just to collect Facebook likes and Instagram followers. Those guys don’t pin themselves solely for the Photoshop look drugs give you. While having big muscles is a great bonus in a society spending most of life on its butt, there is another incredibly important source of energy that keeps the factory of steroid user afloat. That source is called money.

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