In this post, we covered some Linux command line skills for beginners through solving OverTheWire Bandit CTF from level 1 till level 10.

The Bandit wargame is aimed at absolute beginners. It will teach the basics needed to be able to play other wargames. If you notice something essential is missing or have ideas

The challenges covered in this post comprise learning how to work on different Linux command line tools such as cat, grep, find, ls, etc.

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There are several things you can try when you are unsure how to continue:

  • First, if you know a command, but don’t know how to use it, try the manual (man page) by entering “man <command>” (without the quotes). e.g. if you know about the “ls” command, type: man ls. The “man” command also has a manual, try it. Press q to quit the man command.
  • Second, if there is no man page, the command might be a shell built-in. In that case use the “help <X>” command. E.g. help cd
  • Also, your favorite search-engine is your friend. Learn how to use it! I recommend Google.

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