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Baby Reindeer TV MiniSeries 2024 | Key Facts & Characters & Ending Explained

Baby Reindeer is tagged as a dark comedy, and there are certainly comic aspects to it, but it is steeped – almost mired – in tragedy. It tells the story of a comedian Richard Gadd’s real life experience of being stalked by a woman (named Martha he met in a pub and befriended, shows a dark and refreshingly honest portrayal of a terrible stalking experience.

Donny discovers that Martha is a compulsive liar who served four years in prison for stalking, beating up an old woman, more stalking, making false reports to child services, and, oh yeah, even more stalking.

Baby Reindeer isn’t afraid to tackle tough topics like drugs, mental health, and sexual abuse. The show’s unflinching portrayal might not be for everyone, hence the 18+ rating. The acting is superb! The cinematography is perfectly suited to the various moods it evokes and the soundtracks wrap this up into a production worth watching. It will take you on a journey, I assure you – like a rollercoaster at times.

Donny (played by the show’s writer and director, Richard Gadd) : Psychological Analysis of His Personality

Donny is twisted with self-hatred and crippled by indecisiveness but has a deep desire to be wanted and loved, fully aware aware that in his eyes he is unworthy of either.

In Episode 4, we had Donny’s backstory when he was raped by a male adult, and quite a revelation it was! The drama throughout this section is a little disingenuous, the narration says no, no and more no, but before us on the screen we see complicit yes. I was confused when we, the viewer, could see what Darrien was about from the start and so must have Donny! When you go into the lion’s den you will surely be eaten by the lion. Whilst we had an array of compelling explanations, mainly the promise of fame, from a personal perspective none of them quite rang true.

Donny’s self-destructive aftermath and the craving for approval, even from the abuser, only fed his insecurities. The desperate need for validation and the frequent threads of pity are palpable throughout, intertwined with the importance of parental acceptance and support.

In the public meltdown that he enacts in episode 6, Gadd described his love for Teri as being surpassed only by his self-hatred; the result of which, his especially low self-esteem, he attributed as the reason for his repeated returns to his rapist (including towards the story’s conclusion), and his continued dependence on Martha and her voice messages for validation even after she had pled guilty and was sentenced to nine months in prison.

Martha and Donny

Martha and Donny share many similarities, whether Donny would like to admit it or not. They start out both as dreamers, lost in their imaginations and aspirations for the future. They are ceaseless when it comes to something they love and yearn for, for Donny appreciation and comedy, and for Martha, appreciation and Donny. Martha noticed his pain, which he recognises when he said “Martha saw me the way I wanted to be seen”. And Donny saw hers, even if in the form of a free cup of tea. They also relate in their fears, and in their depths of obsession. Her infatuation overcame him and he too was soon obsessed. Even when in prison, her shadow lingered at the bus stop or in the answer phone messages which still flooded his ears.

It was revealed that Martha has sent Donny 41,000 emails, 350 hours of voicemail, 744 tweets, 46 Facebook messages and 106 pages of letters…:)

Ending Explained

The end of Baby Reindeer shows that everything seems to fall in place for Donny. Martha is gone, but he is spending all his time listening to her messages. He suddenly comes across one explaining why she called him Reindeer Baby. Martha had a cuddly toy of the same name, and it was the only thing that made her feel safe. They were both victims of sexual abuse, and just maybe they were lost souls, who could only relate to each other and nobody else in a bizarre way. He missed her despite everything.

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