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Capitani TV Series 2019-2022 | Key Facts & Characters & Ending Explained

Police detective Luc Capitani (Luc Schiltz) must interrupt his vacation to investigate the murder of a teenage girl, whose body is found in a forest and the disappearance of her twin sister in a town in northern Luxembourg, assisted by inexperienced police local.

Capitani frequents various police topics: a small town with many secrets and frameworks, suspects (several) and witnesses determined not to reveal them, conflicted family groups, various seemingly spattered classes, conflicts with them, a foreign detective and his past and a forest.

The father (Mick) of the dead girl is mixed in a sex trade organisation for rich people who would regularly go to the convent farm in the woods to attend the orgy parties.

The father of the dead girl hooks up with the daughter of the baker (Manon) , who trafficks drugs with 3 military men, one of whom is named Steve who happens to be the boyfriend of the local policewoman (Elsa) , and organises international drug traffic. The other military man (Jerry) is in love with the baker’s daughter, and at the end we learn that the dead girl died because she followed the people in the night for the orgy, and then she was pushed, and moved by the father.

This series of chapters of less than 30 minutes, although not innovative, knows how to combine and dose these elements very well, going from less to more in their rhythm, complexity, intrigue and interest, with the inclusion of subplots.

The series is quite good by European standards. And it’s reasonable polished, as much as European script writers can. The script is reasonable but has many points that do not fit. The fact that the characters make it so difficult to contribute to the investigation makes the beginning of the series very tiring. However, with the passing of episodes, you are more interested and intrigued to unravel everything that is happening.


The characters (especially the female ones) are quite attractive, standing out Elsa (Sophia Mousel) the inexperienced but fierce local policewoman who accompanies Luc, Nadine, the mother of the twins (impressive Claude de Demo), Manon, the baker’s daughter and one of the twins (Jill Devresse), who sports the impressive burden of the undisclosed in her expression. The protagonist is not exactly charismatic, although little by little facets appear (in him and in the series) at first hidden, like some outbursts of humor.

Capitani himself was well portrayed by Luc Schiltz. There is sufficient depth to his character and the backstory involving him that develops in the second half is intriguing.

Ending Explained

The conclusion of Capitani TV series effectively resolves all outstanding ambiguities, resulting in a reasonably competent and gratifying culmination to this crime drama. This slow-burning psychological thriller has many redeeming qualities, and Capitani does an outstanding job of teasing the conclusion and revelation in this final episode.

After gaining this knowledge, the truth regarding Jenny and Tanja does indeed make much more sense, and the fact that Usch was present that evening clarifies why he has been spewing such erratic sentences recently. The concluding revelation is effective, featuring an adequate number of red herrings and half-truths to maintain an appropriate level of mystery until the very end.

Capitani, while being arrested by Diane, resolves to maintain Jenny’s secrecy in light of the revelation of the truth, thereby permitting her to repent. Given that Mick has already been apprehended for his involvement in this matter, Capitani opts to abstain from further action, as he is being transported in a police vehicle with an uncertain destiny.

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IMDB score is 6.6 ( I rated it 7 personally)

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