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Capitani TV Series 2019-2022 | Key Facts & Characters & Ending Explained

Season Two had a slightly different format than season one. Each episode was 35 minutes and this seemed to be a flaw at first. However plenty was going on and in Capitani season 2 we were in the city rather than in the countryside as Luc had retired there.

Season two has tightened up all the faults of season one. Characters are more defined and dialogue is crisper and well delivered. The story moves quickly and easier to follow making Luc a private investigator allows him to avoid the restrictions of being a cop and allows him to work both sides of the street.

Capitani season 2 centers on drug trafficking and prostitution, the darker parts of a border city, rather than the political intrigues of a small town. After serving time in jail, Luc Capitani returns to a significantly more intimate story this time, as his paths intersect with his sister, his former partner in investigations Elsa Ley, and his ex-lover, who was only seen in passing during the first season.

The outside players are two amicable families that own prostitution clubs; one wants to continue more conservatively, while the other wants to expand into drug sales to compete with a nearby Nigerian drug distribution ring.

Season 2 vibes all over, Luc Capitani performs a kind of double agent role, bouncing between the police and the two families while simultaneously looking into a murder committed in a neighboring forest.


The characters (especially the female ones) are quite attractive, standing out Elsa (Sophia Mousel) the inexperienced but fierce local policewoman who accompanies Luc, Nadine, the mother of the twins (impressive Claude de Demo), Manon, the baker’s daughter and one of the twins (Jill Devresse), who sports the impressive burden of the undisclosed in her expression. The protagonist is not exactly charismatic, although little by little facets appear (in him and in the series) at first hidden, like some outbursts of humor.

Capitani himself was well portrayed by Luc Schiltz. There is sufficient depth to his character and the backstory involving him that develops in the second half is intriguing.

And the second season does a great job of developing its characters—both new and returning—and connecting their individual story arcs while yet maintaining a sense of mystery and surprise at some of its most important turning moments.

It manages all of that, most remarkably, without overextending itself and with the majority of the episodes clocking in under thirty minutes. It illustrates an underworld that most people might not be aware of when visiting a tidy, peaceful, and lovely Luxembourgish town quite clearly.

It suffers a few points for slight pacing problems and a little awkward handling of some of its peak scenes. Is this Netflix crime drama the finest one available right now? Not at all near. But can its central European feel, quirky cast of characters, and genuinely intriguing plot manage to add a little bit of a different appeal? It does, in fact, very decisively. Easy to watch an episode during little work breaks, the second season of Capitani deserves recognition for forging its own route and not attempting to imitate the plot of the first (except from the murder in the forest arc, of course).

Ending Explained

When Luc Capitani noticed that Dominik suddenly was making a lot of money from somewhere, things began to make sense. The girls who worked in his cabaret had helped him start selling drugs on the streets. The complete missing cocaine shipment was stashed in the basement, Luc discovered.

He was aware that he was the one who had killed Andreea, Stella, and also Arthur. As Valentina arrived, she confirmed the notion that Luc had proposed. Her son disproved her belief that he was a weak link, which she had always held. However, Luc believed Dominik was not up to the task alone and, given his vast expertise, he recognized that something was still lacking.

While Dominik was asking Bianca where Grace was hiding, she remained silent when he was bringing Lucky to see his sister. Actually, Luc orchestrated everything as he was curious about the true intentions of everyone concerned. He knew that Dominik would trail after Bianca and Lucky, only to be apprehended red-handed.

He realized he couldn’t use Lucky as bait, though, so halfway through he created a safe space for him to get out and settled into the front seat of the automobile. Together with Elsa Ley, Special Intervention Unit officer Tony Scholtes showed up at the site. Thought it was Lucky inside, Tony fired at the car, but to his astonishment, Luc Capitani, the notorious former cop, emerged.

Dominik didn’t kill anyone even though he was essentially involved in the scheme from the start. Tony had killed Andreea, Stella, and Arthur. Valentina gave him orders to do this, her only goal being to control the market and drive out the Koenig daily and Nigerians. But Tony was motivated by more than just financial gain; he had a personal grudge from his past. Tony was the son of Valentina’s former Gibbes Koenig employee.

Dominik and Tony became close friends when Valentina adopted him when his mother passed away when Tony was 21 years old. Koenig mistreated him, and in due course he became this vicious, demented man who committed crimes out of sadistic enjoyment. He claimed to enjoy killing the girls and to not have been driven to do so. Just before Luc Capitani was about to stab Elsa, he was shot.

Tony fired shots at Dominik, but he survived. Valentina consented to be an informant for the authorities and therefore avoided a trial going forward. But she could not avoid her destiny, and the gunmen sent by Koenig—who was reportedly still alive—shot her dead on the road.

Carla had been murdered by Albuquerque, a drug consignment owner who was employed by the Italians. The Italians killed Carla since they felt misled. Bianca made the decision to quit working for Valentina and move far away to begin a new life free from this mayhem. Though she knew Dominik couldn’t go against his mother’s wishes, she asked him to come.

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