We covered the fifth part of exploiting Docker containers. We discussed one of the popular methods of escaping Docker containers, that is, exploiting misconfigured permissions, namely, Linux capabilities granted to Dockers. Using this method we can mount specific sensitive files and hashes from the host file system to a directory of our choice on the Docker container. This was part of TryHackMe The Docker Rodeo.

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Room Answers

Does Docker run on a Hypervisor? (Yay/Nay)
What is the port number of the 2nd Docker registry?

What is the name of the repository within this registry?

What is the name of the tag that has been published?

What is the Username in the database configuration?

What is the Password in the database configuration?

What is the “IMAGE_ID” for the “challenge” Docker image that you just downloaded?

Using Dive, how many “Layers” are there in this image?

What user is successfully added?

Contents of “flag.txt” from the host operating system

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