We covered analyzing firmware images and scanning it for vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations using BugProve as an effective firmware vulnerability scanner. We explored the various features that include a dissection of the discovered vulnerabilities, weak binaries along with a graphical representation of the severity related to each vulnerability.

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What Can BugProve Do?

Automated firmware analysis platform to identify known and zero-day vulnerabilities and to support your compliance needs.

Scan for vulnerabilities

Find zero-day vulnerabilities in uploaded firmware before someone else does. Discover vulnerable dependencies, coding mistakes, misconfigurations, and other common security issues.

Report and remediate

AI-driven assistance to understand and fix vulnerabilities. Use live reports for collaboration and pdf reports to satisfy compliance requirements.

Monitor emerging threats

Secure your supply chain and don’t let your guard down – BugProve tracks newly discovered vulnerabilities in your product lines and helps you deliver updates to your customers faster.

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