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No Job

As far as I am concerned, a free man of the west is man who provides for himself. Under no circumstance should you rely on a job for 100% of your income and livelihood. A job can be taken away in a matter of minutes. I’ve gone in to work in the morning and left jobless several times.

Each time I was laid off I was provided a handsome severance package which allowed ample time to find a new job. This is not always the case and could be very disastrous for someone who lives paycheck to paycheck and who does not have a 2nd income source.

If you would like to have a job for some extra benefits and security, I see no problem with that. If you have 100% reliability in that sole job then it is a problem. All can be taken in a matter of moments. Be prepared for the worst, so when the worst comes you will be doing just fine.

Remember this golden rule:

Multiple streams of income.

Self-employment, entrepreneurship, flipping houses, flipping cars, internet marketing, personal training, investing, consulting, or building bird houses – you have endless options to make side money.

Things like equal opportunity, affirmative action and offshore outsourcing make you, the free man, redundant and possibly dependent on the State or debt to survive. To be a free man you’ve got to have the ability to provide for yourself.

Stay out of Debt

Debt is slavery. There is no easier way to put it. To be a free man you must, must, must stay out of debt at all costs.

If you want to get into the debt game – be the debt master, don’t be the debt servant.

I want to tell you about something called a Lonnie deal. A Lonnie deal is simple but it is beautiful.

Lonnie will buy a mobile home that needs some work. Lonnie will pay ALL CASH. Because he pays all cash he will purchase at a very steep discount from a desperate owner who needs to sell. Lonnie will then fix up the mobile home and make it nice and livable. Lonnie will then sell that mobile home for a higher price to a new buyer.

Here is the catch: Lonnie will not sell for cash, Lonnie will sell for terms. Lonnie will get a small down payment and collect monthly payments (with interest) until the entire balance is paid. If the new buyer stops paying Lonnie will kick them out, do a little fix-up work on the mobile home, and then get a new buyer in with the same terms and conditions.

Broken down, a Lonnie deal looks like this:

  • Lonnie buys a mobile home for 5k cash
  • Lonnie puts in 5k work to make the mobile home nice and livable
  • Lonnie sells the mobile home for 23k, with a $3,500 down payment and $225 per month at 7% interest rate over 10 years
  • Lonnie makes a grand total profit of $20,669.38 off of a 10k investment and a week or two of work
  • Lonnie does these deals again and again and again and spends the first week of the month depositing his many checks

Lonnie becomes the bank, the debt master, and his buyers become the debt servants. This type of transaction can be done with many things, not just mobile homes, but houses, cars, guns, whatever you can think of.

When you sell a mobile home on terms rather than on a cash basis it is called a Note. The note business is extremely profitable. You can look to the rich bankers for proof of this. The beauty is that anyone can get into the note game.

Lonnie Deals are named after fellow Texan Lonnie Scruggs, whose book Deals on Wheels was a big influence in my business model. Deals on Wheels is about flipping mobile homes but it is an excellent eye-opener about all the possibilities that exist.

Lonnie’s model can be used in many different industries and products. This book is a huge influence in the underground real estate investing industry.

Decrease your tax burden

United States taxes are a gigantic burden to the small business man. To combat this, the smart business man will move his assets and tax-base to an offshore tax haven where he can minimize his tax burden.

You can either move your business interests offshore or develop an air-tight system of writing off your profits in such a way that you will pass an audit by the gumment.

Your taxes only exist to make the wealthy wealthier and to provide for the sub-human scum of society who cannot work for their share. It is your duty as a free man to keep as much of your hard-earned money as you can.

To be a free man you must keep a good amount of your profits. Johnny Law doesn’t give a damn about you keeping your profits, it’s up to you.

Freedom from child support payments and alimony

Child support can mean 18 years of debt slavery. Child support burden is MASSIVE to a man who does not see his children often and whose ex-wife is out partying with new guys every night.

**Never get married unless you are 500% sure she is the right one. I don’t mean your soul-mate or life-partner, I mean someone who shares the same values that will make a marriage and family work.

To be a free man you cannot have alimony or child support payments. You will likely go directly to jail if you stop your payments. Whether you can afford the payments or not makes no difference to Johnny Law.

2nd Passport or Residency

Some countries will offer citizenship or residency after several years of occupancy in their country. Some will offer citizenship with marriage to a national. Some will offer citizenship for a cash payment, investment, or home purchase in said country. There are a lot of options here.

There are many resources available on the resource machine we call the internet.

In conclusion, to be a free man stay out of debt, stay away from women who put you in debt, decrease your tax-burden, work for yourself and make your own money, and get yourself a “Just-in-case” 2nd passport or citizen option and you will sleep very well at night.

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