CTF Challenge Description:

The challenge contains a php webproxy and a Tomcat server which has the Tomcat manager app deployed andwas only accessible via the php webproxy.

https://github.com/Athlon1600/php-proxy-app is what is running in the php-proxycontainer and it has a few open issues, including some that look like they could be security-relevant.


To visit the tomcat container from the proxy, simply enter to view the tomcat webpage. Tomcat mentions an admin interface should be at /manager/html but upon visiting through the proxy we get a “401 unauthorized” error.

We also find the username and password (manager-web.xml) and that /manager/text exists as an interface for scripts.

We can use /manager/text/deploy to deploy the folder that contains the flag and visit that like any other webpage.

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Then we can host this on our local attacker machine. The server address can be:

Header('location: http://admin:admin@');
  1. Redirect the proxy to
  2. Then redirect it to
  3. Flag: INS{SSRF-As-A-Service}

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