We covered the second volume of basics and fundamentals of Linux operating system. We covered permissions, processes, services, files and directories, downloading and uploading, system configurations,etc. This was part of Pre Security pathway.

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Challenge Answers

If we wanted to output the text “TryHackMe“, what would our command be?

What is the username of who you’re logged in as on your deployed Linux machine?

On the Linux machine that you deploy, how many folders are there?

Which directory contains a file?

What is the contents of this file?

Use the cd command to navigate to this file and find out the new current working directory. What is the path?

Use grep on “access.log” to find the flag that has a prefix of “THM”. What is the flag?

And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for!
If we wanted to run a command in the background, what operator would we want to use?

If I wanted to replace the contents of a file named “passwords” with the word “password123”, what would my command be?

Now if I wanted to add “tryhackme” to this file named “passwords” but also keep “passwords123”, what would my command be

Explore the manual page of the ls command

What directional arrow key would we use to navigate down the manual page?

What flag would we use to display the output in a “human-readable” way?

How would you create the file named “newnote”?

On the deployable machine, what is the file type of “unknown1” in “tryhackme’s” home directory?
How would we move the file “myfile” to the directory “myfolder”

What are the contents of this file?

On the deployable machine, who is the owner of “important”?
What would the command be to switch to the user “user2”?

Now switch to this user “user2” using the password “user2”

Output the contents of “important”, what is the flag?

What is the directory path that would we expect logs to be stored in?

What root directory is similar to how RAM on a computer works?

Name the home directory of the root user

Edit “task3” located in “tryhackme”‘s home directory using Nano. What is the flag?

Download the file http://MACHINE_IP:8000/.flag.txt onto the TryHackMe AttackBox

What are the contents?

If we were to launch a process where the previous ID was “300”, what would the ID of this new process be?

If we wanted to cleanly kill a process, what signal would we send it?

Locate the process that is running on the deployed instance (MACHINE_IP). What flag is given?

What command would we use to stop the service “myservice”?

What command would we use to start the same service on the boot-up of the system?

What command would we use to bring a previously backgrounded process back to the foreground?

When will the crontab on the deployed instance (MACHINE_IP) run?

What is the IP address of the user who visited the site?

What file did they access?

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