We covered the second part of open source intelligence case studies as part of HackTheBox OSINT track. The first challenge, block hunt3r, demonstrated interacting with the blockchain and investigating specific blocks within a limited timestamp to find a PNG picture. The other challenge, Missing in Action, involved tracking and identifing the location of missing person using a combination of Google searches and Google dorks.

Blue Team Study Notes

OSINT Study Notes

Blockchain data can’t be deleted, and bad actors are using it to store blobs, we want to hunt down the user that has been uploading illegal pictures on the Ethereum Goerli testnet blockchain. We need to find one picture to use it as evidence to take him down. We know he was actively uploading pictures between 2020-07-30 and 2020-08-01.
Roland Sanchez from Birmingham, UK is missing. The family are convinced he was kidnapped on a business trip. Can you help?.


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