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Don’t worry about happiness

Of course you cannot buy happiness because happiness is an emotion, not a product on the shelves at the local market.
Happiness is a by-product of a life well lived
It comes from having some sort of business or profession that you enjoy, having some sort of space in the world that you can call home, having some friends and family around you, and having the FREEDOM to enjoy all of it.
The same people who say money doesn’t buy happiness are the same people who TRADE THEIR TIME for money and then complain about how much they “hate their job”.
They trade their most precious resource, their time, for a resource that doesn’t even buy happiness.
And guess what the #1 barrier to happiness is?
Your job.

Quit your job

Everyone I talk to who isn’t an entrepreneur or an artist or something similar tells me relentlessly that they hate working their job.
Do you know why you hate working a job?
It’s because working a job is for slaves.
You’ve been fooled into thinking you need to work a job to survive in this world.
Here’s the reality: you don’t.
Here’s another hard reality: You make more money when you go out on your own
“But it’s so hard to just walk away!”
Actually, it’s just simple.

  • If you love your job, stay.
  • If you hate your job, quit.
    That’s it.
    It is all your decision, it has always been your decision.

Live in a small house

I’ve lived in mansions and I’ve lived in shoe boxes.
Guess what?
When it comes to happiness, shoe boxes beat mansions.
I know we all close our eyes and dream of mansions and fast cars, but they don’t give you what you think they will.
When I think back on the happiest places I’ve lived, they were small and cheap.
I had a tiny little apartment in the barrio in North Texas and I absolutely loved it there. I paid $444 per month in rent and all of my neighbors were Mexicans.
I also had a 45 sqm apartment in Bangkok. I paid $500 per month in rent and I absolutely loved it there. I stayed over two years.
If you want to recipe for a happy house, here it is: Small and cheap.
The more you pay, the less satisfaction you get]
The richer the area, the worse your happiness is. Affluence instantly makes people depressed.
“But I need a big house for my family!”
Big houses do nothing but drive distance between family members.
A small house is a happier house.
This doesn’t mean don’t make money, it means don’t spend your money on affluence.
In this regard, money does not buy happiness, it buys isolation.
Living in a small, cheap house is the best.

Eat simple food (organic, local farm raised)

Did you ever notice that when fat people eat normal food like rice, cottage cheese or lightly-seasoned beef they say, “It has no taste!”
That’s because fat people get fat by eating fake foods made by chemistry in a laboratory.
They get used to eating chemicals that give them many sensations of taste.
The result?
Their own taste buds become desensitized and they can no longer enjoy natural food.
It is best to just eat natural food
Today we call natural food “organic”.
But we call food covered in pesticides, food injected with hormones, food created in a laboratory with genetic modification, or junk food created by chemistry – we call this “normal” food.
Don’t make me laugh.
Real food is not sprayed with chemical pesticides and it doesn’t come from genetically modified seeds.
Real food is walking around the farmland eating grass or it is grown in the ground and not sprayed with poison (pesticide).
If the pesticides kill the pests on your apples, what do you think it’s doing to your insides? Nothing good.
Eat as naturally as you can and your mind will be sharp and your body will be in shape.
Eat as simple as you can because the more complex the ingredients list, the harder the food is to digest.
The better your digestion is, the better your health is.
Simple natural food leads to good digestion.

Listen to your intuition, because it’s God talking to you

Right here I’m going to hide the best piece of advice I could ever give you…
Never take advice from anyone else without first consulting your own intuition.
If someone’s advice goes against your own intuition then you must think long and hard before accepting this advice.
The best advice will always come from your own intuition.
I hate to get frou-frou and woo-woo, but intuition is God talking to you.
If you don’t want to call it God – and I don’t blame you because I’m not talking about the Jehovah/Yahweh God of the bible – call it The Spirit of the Universe, call it The Source of All Things, call it Mom of the Earth, call it Father, call it Odin, call it Jesus, call it Buddha, call it the Tao, call it the name that cannot be named.
Doesn’t matter what you call it, it just matters that you listen to the call.
Your intuition is your life plan.
It always works for you and never works against you.
Ignore it at your own peril.
But people are so damn dumb today they ignore their own intuition and they do things that actively harm them.
Too bad for them, but good for you because now you know.
You always have the best solution, all you have to do is consult yourself in a quiet place.
How do you learn to consult your own intuition?
It’s easy.
Ask and ye shall receive.
In your mind, just ask to be shown the right way.
Then, and this is the most important part, PAY ATTENTION.
Use your own eyes to see what is happening.
Nothing will ever be quite as clear as you want it to be.
You will have to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
When you are able to consult your own intuition, the desire to seek authority outside of yourself will vanish.

Be of service to others (while serving yourself)

The #1 barrier to success is selfishness.
Selfishness is actually self-sabotage
The would-be entrepreneurs want the Ferraris and mansions and in their desire to have these things, they miss what actually affords these things in the first place.
There is only one way to legitimately make money.
It’s to be of service to others.
People will not pay for something that does not help them in some way.

The only other way to make money is by theft, which I don’t recommend.

I do recommend you be of service to others.

Do you know how many emails I’ve received saying “Thank you Victor! You helped me so much!”

I get emails like that every single day. I get so many I can’t even respond to them.

This is the only reason I have my degree of freedom.

“But Victor! You already said you have to be selfish to succeed!”

You do.

I’m selfish in my selflessness

I’m selfish in my desire to help others.

I’m not here to be your friend.

I’m here to kick your face in the dirt with my US sized 13 boot and wake you up to reality.

To help others you have to give them tough love.

You can’t be a spineless weakling and expect to be of service to others.

Allowing people to walk on you does not help them or you.

You have to be a tough and determined son-of-a-gun to be of service to others.

And you have to selfishly stick to that desire to be of service to others.

Quick tip…

You cannot ask people how to be of service to them, they don’t know anything until it slaps them in the face.

If the only way to help them is to slap them, then slap them.

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