Sleeping Dog TV Series 2023 Season 1 Summary & Episodes List

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Sleeping Dog TV Series | Key Facts & Characters & Ending Explained

Sleeping Dog is a police detective drama series which despite its short number of espisodes (six episodes as of this writing) is considered a police drama masterpiece.

It starts off slow and you may get confused by the time you finish watching episode 3 but the plot will be become more clear when you progress further in the narrative.

If you are someone who is not patient enough to think and concentrate then this show is not for you.

Mike Atlas; The lost and yet briliant police detective

Mike Atlas is a former copper who is now living on the streets (I am not going to tell you because it will spoil the show). Throughout the show, Mike’s sole focus is to unleash the mystery revolving aroudn an solved murder case while trying to re-build his relatinship with his family.

At the end of the show, Mike along with Andergast, the female rookie public prosecutor, have revealed who was the real murderer in the Judge herres case along with another supposedly suicide case concerning an immigrant gay boy ( Mussa Bassher) whom was convicted of Herres’s murder.

Jule Andergast; The rookie yet ambitious public prosecutor

Andergast also wants to reopen the case, but for very different reasons that those related to Mike Atlas. Part of it her desire to prove herself. Andergast first believes that the two murder cases are connected and the common factor is a Russian mafia trying to rebuild the country by executing those in power and replacing them.

After throrough investigation of both cases, Jule concludes that they are both connected based on the same 9mm bullet used in both shootings and that Idris was possibly murdered to cover up the truth behind the murder of Judge Herres.

Ending Explained

At the end of Sleeping Dog, It’s revealed that the main moment that triggered the series of events and murders was during the Christmas Market terrorist attack when Atlas, who was DUI, hit a homeless man and threw him dead.

Atlas’s friends, mainly other detectives luka zaric and Sokowski, had placed the homeless man corpse in the terrorist attack’s crime scene to make it look like he was one of the attack’s victims but to their distress, a witness was there and conveyed his testimony to Judge Herres.

This pushed the 49th precinct to murder the judge and cover it up by placing fake DNA evidence belonging to the immigrant Mussa Bassher in the crime scene hitting two birds with one stone. First they eliminate judge Herres who was onto them to reveal the truth about the death of Polyphemus and second to clean the streets from some local immigrant gangs.

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IMDB score is 6.5 ( I rated it 10 personally)

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