Alvin Bernard Murphy or the Murphy as they call him is the only known survivor of The Zombie Virus or the ZN1 virus. He was injected with an experimental vaccine designed and developed by  Dr Marilyn Merch before he had been bitten eight times.

After that incident, Murphy became the only hope for humanity to get a cure for the zombie virus and voila Z nation started.

So Murphy character is the actual engine of the show but he is not the hero as Roberta Warren who always had problems keeping him in check.

Alvin Bernard Murphy - Keith Allan

The Jerk Murphy

Thought season 1 till season 3, Murphy was reluctant to save humanity ( a group of survivors committed to escort him to the center of disease control where a vaccine is supposed to be extracted off his blood) and his willingness to walk alone away from his group ( Warren, 10K, Doc, Addy and from far away Citizen Z assisting in operation Bite Mark)  started to grow as they faced obstacles and dangers on the way to California.

Murphy did not choose to subject him self to the vaccine experimentation as he was forcibly set for that in the earliest days of the virus outbreak during his stay in Portsmouth Naval Prison so Murphy was the kind of guy who hold the key to your life although he did not want to 🙂 which makes him act as a jerk with his group :).

Murphy and Serena

In season 1 espisode 11 sisters of mercy, Murphy and Serena ( a member of sisters of mercy cult) had intimate moments over a pie 🙂 which paved the way for the Lucy, the blend daughter,  that showed up in season 2

Although Murphy fell in love for moments, he was not all that thrilled to meet the pregnant Serena after they got separated when his group left the place inhabited by the sisters cult which enriches the notion that he is the Jerk character in the show.

Murphy the Doctor of the Dead

The breaking point in Murphy’s journey was when he found out that The Z’s or zombies don’t bite him. This was when his team got re-routed to a lab located in abandoned area where the team set out to find the developer of the vaccine given to Murphy.

Murphy The Bounty

After Murphy found out that he’s a friendly material to Zombies, he took his chance and escaped the group which shows and proves his jerky character not giving a heck about humanity while holding the key to its survival 🙂 what a combination he got.

He then became the gem peace to be found and caught for many survivor not only his group including The Batch 47 and the Zeroes hunters and that was because citizen Z offered a big bounty for those who can find him and bring him to the CDC.

Murphy The Controller

Murphy had another revelation which was after he bit Cassandra. Cassandra was bit by a Zombie and the team thought that she was dead and will turn but Murphy bit her while alone and she quickly turned into a blend ( human with zombie capabilities ) under his complete control. He used her to escape bounty hunters and to serve him and his baby daughter.

Murphy The Emperor

In season 3, Murphy was set to build his own empire of blends who would do anything for his service through biting people or giving them some sort of “vaccine” developed under his supervision, putting the receivers under his control. People were flocking to his town to get injected with his newly developed vaccine which saves people from turning into zombies but they become a blend under his control and 10K was one of his victims. This shows Murphy how selfish and jerk he is but who cares its the apocalypse and at least he is saving people from turning into deadly zombies, right?

Murphy The Father

After learning that his daughter Lucy was captured by The Man in season 3 episode 13, Murphy decided to re-unite with his old group, operation bite mark, to find her. Lucy was the only character in the show that took Murphy off his selfish attire and made him work with others toward’s a humane goal. Well not exactly in my opinion, if Lucy was another victim of the apocalypse, would he care?

Murphy to the show again

In season 4, Murphy was the key person in a place called the Zona where they used his blood to create a safe community. Murphy enjoyed his stay there not because he was the source of happiness for the inhabitants but because he was the star and center of attention in the community. And this was clear when he was reluctant to leave Zona after Dr Teller and Warren requests.

During season 4, Murphy returned completely human which made him less jerk than in previous seasons. This paved the way to awake the caretaker Murphy who showed concerns for Warren many times and also for his daughter Lucy when he denied her request in biting him after he had a zombie bite in episode 6 season 4.

Again The Classic Murphy

In the last season 5, Murphy shows up as Red color or the red devil as called by the Altura community. In this season, Murphy again was a blend but not a Blue one this time. In the last scene of season 5 mainly episode 13, He was shown eating Sun Mei’s brain in an attempt to retrieve the chemical formula that carries the cure for humanity but shortly after consuming a piece of her brain, Murphy chuckled like a smug and then the scene ended. This could mean that Murphy had another revelation to start and scheme another plan that is similar to the blue blends 🙂

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