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Okay so Facts about Jake Peralta (portrayed by Andy Samberg) :

Most known as childish, sarcastic and clown 🙂

Jake Peralta

  • Jake is talented with a sense of humor that sometimes becomes over and too much :). Anyway he used to lead the show at the precinct especially back when they had lax precinct captains where he gets to do all kind of prohibited stuff , in other normal police precincts, with his colleagues.
  • Jake has psychological issues mainly becauase his dad left him when he was young which made him having abandonment issues. You will see this clearly when Jake calls Ray Hold “Dad” viewing him as a father figure.
  • He is considered as the best NYPD detective in  The 99th Precinct by having the top streak of solved cases and puzzles
  • Jake has a little problem which is learning how to grow up :). You will see that clearly in the earliest episodes.
  • Jake has not been the kind of detective that follows his boss order until Ray Holt shows up, Jake starts his struggle in learning how to become a grown up adult
  • Jake has never been committed to a dress code
  • Jake always doesn’t express his emotions rather chooses to crack jokes to channel his feelings and this is clearly seen with his colleague Amy. He always teases and pranks her to mask his secret romantic feelings for her.
  • His best friend in the show is Charles Boyle who always pushes him to admit his feelings for Amy.
  • He is an Ashkenazi-Sephardic Jewish American New Yorker
  • He often clashes and tries to make fun of his captain Ray Holt over his strict practical policies especially the dress code
  • Gina Linetti is Jake’s childhood friend since they attended elementary and high school together.
  • Jake calls Ray Hold ‘Dad’ in some episodes after he matured into his leadership and management style
  • One of his most prominent quotes goes as:

“This job is eating me alive. I can’t breathe anymore. I spent so many years trying to be the good guy, the man in the white hat….I’m not becoming like them. I am them!” – Jake quoting Donnie Brasco to a video camera in “Pilot” season 1 episode 1.

  • Jake marrys Amy Santiago at the end after long time of mutual attraction at the 99th precinct.
  • At the end of the series, he decided to step down as NYPD detective and become a stay-at-home dad to take care of his son.
  • Jake Peralts’ Instagram account can be found here.
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