Splunk Course Contents

  • Splunk Installation on Linux – Video Length: 04:02
  • Splunk Forwarder Config on Linux – Video Length: 12:17
  • Splunk Installation on Windows – Video Length: 01:20
  • Splunk Forwarder Config – Windows – Video Length: 06:39
  • Intro to Splunk Search Processing Language – Video Length: 16:10
  • Basics of Splunk with practical applications in Cyber Security – Video Length: 06:50:16

Who Is This Course For?

This course is taught online and is considered mainly for beginners who want to get started learning Splunk and how to use it for log analysis and investigation.


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How to Buy The Complete Splunk SIEM Course Online with Practical Scenarios?

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How Many Videos Does The Course Include?

The Splunk SIEM  Course contains over all 6 Videos with a duration of 7-8 hours of educational content.

What You Will Learn in This Course

  • Understand How Splunk SIEM Works
  • Learn how to install Splunk on Windows and Linux
  • Learn how to gather and collect logs from Windows and Linux using Splunk Forwarder
  • Learn how to analyse logs and events using Splunk by following on cyber security incidents.
  • Learn how to create reports and dashboards for data visualization


  • None

What is Splunk SIEM?

Splunk is a SIEM solution that allows us to collect, analyze, and correlate logs in a centralized server in real-time.

With Splunk SIEM you can do the below:

  • Analyze cyber security incidents
  • Troubleshoot and optimize performance by analyzing collected logs.
  • Perform data analysis by going through different sorts of logs and the ability of visualize them usign Splunk visualization and dashboard features.

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