What is Open Source Intelligence?

OSINT stands for open source intelligence and it’s the process of gathering information about the target’s system, network and defenses without engaging it directly. In other instances, the target may be an individual or a group of individuals.
OSINT includes data from publicly available sources, such as DNS registrars, web searches, social media, security-centric search engines like Shodan and Censys.
Another type of open source intelligence is information about vulnerabilities and other security flaws, including sources like the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) and
Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) resources
Examples of information that can be gathered during an OSINT engagement

  • Domain names and subdomains
  • IP Address ranges
  • Email addresses
  • Physical locations
  • Staff list and organization chart.
  • Documents’ meta data.
  • Social media information
  • Technologies and infrastructure.

Why will you need a notes system?

You could be actively working as an incident responder, security operations analyst, network security specialist or you could be preparing and studying for a certification exam such as Cisco Cyber Ops. In both cases, a set of notes maintained in your repository where you can search for commands, concepts or use cases that could aid you in the task you are performing is necessary for a productive studying and/or working.

Table of Contents:

  • Definition of OSINT
  • OSINT Stages
  • Planning
  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • Data Analysis
  • Dissemination and Distribution
  • Domain OSINT
  • Email & Username OSINT
  • Image OSINT
  • Video OSINT
  • Documents OSINT
  • Leaks and Dumps
  • Social Media OSINT
  • OSINT with Google
  • Blockchain OSINT
  • Phone Number OSINT & People Search
  • Companies OSINT
  • Leaks OSINT
  • OSINT with GeoMaps
  • OSINT with Google Hacking Database
  • OSINT with Shodan
  • OSINT with Maltego
  • OSINT Suites, Frameworks & Other Tools
  • OSINT Resources & Websites
  • Case Studies

Who are these for?

This study book is for investigative analysts, journalists, researches and even students who want to understand OSINT and have a ready playbook to conduct investigations

Page Count: 173

Format: PDF & Markup

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Once another version of this E-book is released, which it will, the price will slightly change as the booklet will include more contents, notes and illustrations.

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