Course Overview

For penetration testers, ethical hackers, security researchers, and forensic analysts/investigators, BackBox Linux is a free, open-source Linux distribution. Web application analysis, network analysis, stress tests, sniffer, vulnerability assessment, computer forensic analysis, automobile, and exploitation are just a few of the security-related activities that BackBox’s solutions may help with.

BackBox Linux is aimed to give a quick, efficient, configurable, and full experience. As a result, it is thought to be simpler to use for beginners and runs on the light window manager XFCE. BackBox Linux has over 70 tools and was built to do away with tools with similar functionality to make it easier to use.

There has never been a lack of practical instruction in Backbox penetration testing. One can never undertake any type of penetration testing or security analysis without practical knowledge.

Course Contents | The Complete Penetration Testing with Backbox Linux Course

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Backbox
  • Chapter 2: Comparison between Kali Linux and Backbox
  • Chapter 3: Downloading and Installing Backbox
  • Chapter 4: Information Gathering Tools
  • Chapter 5: Vulnerability Assessment
  • Chapter 6: Exploitation
  • Chapter 7: Overview of Social Engineering Tools
  • Chapter 8: Sniffing and MTIM Attacks Tools
  • Chapter 9: Wireless Attacks Tools
  • Chapter 10: Case study: Performing Full Targeted Penetration Testing and Reporting

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How many videos do the course include?

The Complete Penetration Testing with Backbox Linux Course contains over all 30 Videos with a duration of 4-5 hours of educational content.

What You Will Learn in This Course – The Complete Penetration Testing with Backbox Linux

  • Familiarize with installing and using Backbox.
  • Familiar with using Backbox security tools
  • Gain the ability to conduct penetration testing and security testing with Backbox Linux
  • Understand the basic concepts behind every phase in the penetration testing lifecycle.
  • Learn to create and analyze reports in Backbox.


  • Basic penetration testing and ethical hacking skills

  • It’s recommended that the student downloads a copy of Backbox to follow up with the instructor during the illustrations.

  • A computer system with at least the following:

  • OS: Windows 7 and above to run the virtualization software.

  • Processor:  A 32-bit or 64-bit processor.

  • Memory: 512 MB of system memory RAM for Backbox and at least 4GB for the host OS (Windows).

  • Storage: 4.4 GB of disk space

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