A single, simplified view of your data, insight into security operations, and operational capabilities are all provided by security information and event management (SIEM), a type of cybersecurity technology that enables you to detect, look into, and effectively address security risks. By providing you with complete, real-time visibility over your entire dispersed environment, whether it is on-premises, hybrid, or cloud, as well as historical analysis, a SIEM solution can improve your cybersecurity posture. You may improve overall organizational resilience with SIEM technology using a variety of methods and technologies.

In order to locate and alert on anomalous behavior, a SIEM (pronounced “sim”) solution ingests and searches through a large volume of data in seconds, a task that would otherwise be impossible to complete manually. A SIEM product can also give you a real-time overview of your IT infrastructure while enabling you to manage log data storage and compliance with industry standards. For businesses to remain ahead of internal and external threats, having the ability to evaluate data from all sources in real time, including cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, network applications and hardware, might be essential.

Why will you need a notes system?

You could be actively working as Splunk SIEM specialist or you could be preparing and studying for Splunk certification exams . In both cases, a set of notes maintained in your repository where you can search for commands, concepts or use cases that could aid you in the task you are performing is necessary for a productive studying and/or working.

Who Are These Notes For?

  • Cybersecurity students preparing for Splunk SIEM certification exam.
  • Professionals who are actively working in the field and need a set of ready and concise Splunk SIEM notes.
  • Savvy learners who want to quickly master Splunk SIEM without having to read hunderds of pages.

The Splunk SIEM Study Notes Catalog

Table of contents:

– Introduction to IPS & IDS

– Definitions & Basics

– Splunk Search Processing Language

– Log Monitoring

– Operational Notes

– Using Splunk For Incident Response

– Parsing Sysmon events

– USB attacks

– FTP events

– Detecting common vulnerabilities

– Using Splunk for Data Analytics and Statistical Operations

– Splunk Config and Troubleshooting

Page count: 90

Format: PDF

Splunk SIEM Field Notes
Splunk SIEM field notes
Splunk SIEM field notes

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Splunk SIEM Field Notes

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What about the notes updates?

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Will the prices of this booklet change in the future?

Once another version of this booklet is released, which it will, the price will slightly change as the booklet will include more contents, notes and illustrations.

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