Why will you need a notes system?

You could be a journalist, an activist or just someone who wants to stay anonymous and invisible while doing your online activities. In both cases, a set of notes maintained in your repository where you can search for commands, concepts or use cases that could aid you in the task you are performing is necessary for a productive studying and/or working.

Who Are These Notes For?

  • Journalists and freedom fighters who want to learn the art of staying anonymous and keeping their tracks hidden.

The practical notes guide on how to stay anonymous and invisible on the internet.

This is a brief and to the point guide of 41 pages in PDF format. It contains practical notes taken from experience in the deep web on how to stay anonymous and invisible. Perfect for journalists and others who seek complete anonymity.

Table of Contents

  • 12th Golden Rules
  • Anonymity For Non Blackhat Hackers (Journalists and freedom fighters)
  • Operating Systems for anonymity
  • Disk and Network Encryption
  • TOR
  • Blocking Trackers
  • Email Encryption
  • Disk Wiping
  • Anonymous Payments (How to pay on the internet without leaving traces).
  • Anonymity For Blackhat Hackers ( Things to do before starting to hack).
  • FAQs
How to be anonymous and untraceable
How to be anonymous and untraceable

How to buy the booklet?

You can buy the booklet directly by clicking on the button below

How to be anonymous and untraceable

After you buy the booklet, you will be able to download the PDF booklet along with the markup files if you want to import them to Obsidian software.

What about the notes updates?

if you have been watching my YouTube Channel, you definitely know that those who subscribe to the second tier of my channel membership they instantly get access to a vast catalog of cybersecurity, penetration testing, digital marketing, system administration and data analytics notes catalog for 10$ along with the ability to receive all notes updates as long as they are subscribed so what does that mean?

This means if you want to stay up to date with the changes and updates to the notes and get access to other categories, I encourage to join the channel membership second tier instead. However, if you are fine with downloading the current version of this section of the notes then you can buy this booklet instead for a one-time payment.

Will the prices of this booklet change in the future?

Once another version of this booklet is released, which it will, the price will slightly change as the booklet will include more contents, notes and illustrations.