In this video, we reviewed Google Cloud Security from Google on Coursera. This course is for those who have basic experience in Google cloud and want to expand their knowledge to learn how to implement security for their cloud resources.

Certificate breakdown

  • Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
  • Networking in Google Cloud: Defining and Implementing Networks
  • Networking in Google Cloud: Hybrid Connectivity and Network Management
  • Managing Security in Google Cloud Platform
  • Security Best Practices in Google Cloud
  • Mitigating Security Vulnerabilities on Google Cloud Platform
  • Hands-On Labs in Google Cloud for Security Engineers

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Skills Learned

  • Cloud security
  • Configuring network security
  • Analyzing logs
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google App Engine (GAE)
  • Create and understand custom IAM roles
  • Secure a Kubernetes environment
  • Create and configure network peering
  • Prepare for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification exam
  • VPC Networds
  • Subnets and routers
  • Google VPC networks
  • Control administrative access to VPC objects

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