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The debt game is the new and improved form of indentured servitude. And it’s a brilliant plan. The Wolves lend you imaginary money so you can shop shop shop and then work work work so you can pay them back every last red cent plus interest. The plan is genius, brilliant. They press a computer key and all of a sudden you have credit, they don’t actually give you any of their money, it’s just a touch of a key. But, you think they did. And you go out and shop ’til you drop for the latest gadgets and doo-dads and whatevers. Then you go to your job and work for them some more so you can pay back that imaginary money with interest. The young ones go to University on student loans so they can enter the debt prison even sooner. The older ones “buy” houses and cars on a never ending debt cycle and keep themselves in indentured servitude with a smile. Plus interest. And they’ve brilliantly got you worried about your credit score so you can keep consuming and lining their pockets with money money money. They’ll tell you just how important your credit score is but they’ll never tell you that when you stop buying things you can’t afford your credit means absolutely Jack.

Here are 10 reasons you should never buy anything on credit, become a cash business, and free yourself from the debt shackles.

1) If you can’t afford to pay for it with cold, hard cash you don’t deserve it. – Yes, I know television tells you that you deserve everything your heart desires no matter what the cost. Newsflash: The same Wolves that own the TV stations own the debt business. And they know the power of advertising. And they’ve got you loving your servitude. Sucker.

2) It saves you money. – When you purchase with cash you never have to pay interest. Often you can talk the price down. When sellers see cash in your hand they are more inclined to lower a price. When they’ve got you on credit they can up the price all day long and you’ll still pay it – just over a period of years instead of all at once.

3) You can go to sleep at night knowing you don’t have to continue paying money for months and years and decades to come. – Debt is a sickness in the belly that never, ever goes away until you kill it. If you always pay in cash then you never get into debt and you are much better off than the poor souls who are up to their eyeballs in debt servitude.

4) Cash money is power. – When you have the cold hard cash in your pocket you aren’t worried about anything except getting exactly what you want. You don’t worry about what debt plan you qualify for or if you can get approved or if this extra credit check will hurt your credit score. He who has the money calls the shots.

5) Buying with cash teaches you discipline and responsibility. – When you save up for a purchase or already have the money for a purchase you don’t haphazardly put things on your credit card to pay later (zero interest for 6 months! Let’s buy everything!). When you purchase with cash you see the money changing hands, you feel the hit right away and you will know if it’s a good idea or a bad idea to buy. The babies who cry “But I want it now!” become debt slaves because of their impatient stupidity.  Buying with cash teaches you to spend money wisely.

6) Cash money buyers usually have more money saved up. – Credit buyers spend every dime they make, and then they spend more, and then cry that they don’t make enough money. Cash buyers usually have plenty of money to spare and aren’t worried about affording small thins like the light bill or the phone bill.

7) You can work less if you are a cash man. – When you don’t have gigantic credit bills every single month you can have a lot more free time to go explore, have adventures, travel, or just stay at home and be a lazy bum. If you got the money – you got the time. You don’t have to worry about constantly constantly working just to pay for something you bought two years ago.

8) You have more money to invest if you don’t spend it all on debt payments. – You got to spend money to make money and if you don’t have any money you aren’t making money. You can use all that money you would have spent on debt servitude and use it to invest or start a business and make yourself even more money.

9) You will be much happier knowing you are free from the debt shackles. – Just look in the eyes of people in debt and you can see just how miserable they are. It’s a sad sight to see someone in debt up to their eyeballs with no solution in sight (except for more debt). Those poor souls are the walking dead.

10) You already know buying with credit is stupid. – Nothing in this article is breaking news. This article just confirms what you already knew.

What is the solution?

  • Stop buying with credit. Completely eliminate credit buying as an option. Cash is the only way.
  • Cut up your credit cards.
  • Plan how to pay off all your debt ASAP so you can be free.
  • Start saving as much cash money as you can.
  • Get rid of all junk you don’t need, especially anything you are making debt payments on.
  • Live cheap. There are endless ways to cut corners with your spending.
  • Once you are free of the debt shackles never ever go back.

Take your life out of the hands of the debt masters and put it in your own hands. You’ll be glad you did.

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