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We have all been there. Sitting in traffic, waiting to get to the job we hate, sitting in the office waiting for 5 o’clock, counting down the minutes to the weekend, which is never long enough. All the while dreaming we could have our own business, maybe our own internet based business, so we could leave this rat race behind and get to livin’.

The good news is you can leave the rat race, you can start your own business, and you can become free and happy. Today, with the internet, it is extremely easy to start your own business. I have done it and thousands of others have done it. It is only as hard or as easy as you want it to be.

But why should you start an internet based business?

Here are 13 reasons to start an internet business…

1) By running an internet business you will have more free time to do the things that matter in life

Being stuck in traffic everyday, taking orders from the boss, waiting on your paycheck (with taxes conveniently removed for you), asking permission to take your holiday is no way to go through life.

Running an internet based business will give you the time to do the things that matter and let you not do the things that don’t matter. Spend more time with family, spend less time with family, spend more time travelling, spend more time doing anything you please.

Without a 9-5 noose around your neck you’re free to come and go and do as you please. I just spent a week at a tiny, little known beach in Cambodia called Otres Beach, riding jet ski’s and getting tan. That would have been completely and utterly impossible if I had a boss and an office to report to.

2) With an internet based business you can control your income

When you have a job you make a set amount of money, no matter how hard you work or how well you do your job. The opposite is true when you run an internet based business. Your income is directly tied to how hard and how well you do your job. The sky is the limit when it comes to making internet money. The choice is yours when it comes time to decide how much you want, or need, to earn. Make the decision to earn more and you can, as long as you do the work.

3) With an internet based business you can work from anywhere

Again, no more getting up at the crack of dawn just to go sit in traffic and wait and wait. When you run an internet based business you can work from home, the local coffee shop, the library, or abroad. Anywhere you have an internet connection is where you can work from.

Say hello to sunny skies and goodbye to drab and lifeless grey offices.

4) You can feed your entrepreneurial spirit without breaking the bank

Not everyone was meant to live life as a corporate cog in the machine. Many of us are entrepreneurial minded but are just too afraid to take the leap and go for it. With an internet based business you have tiny start-up costs and low to no overhead. It isn’t as risky as starting a local brick and mortar shop where you have to pay rent, pay for product, and pay your employee’s salaries. To start an internet business is almost free. You simply need a domain and a website, that will run you about $30 to start.

5) People spend money on the internet, your business can get a piece of that

Internet spending is predicted to account for 40% of all retail sales by 2020 and 84% of the world’s internet users now shop online. That is a huge amount of money online just waiting for you. I spend a great deal of my own money online, I don’t like leaving to go shopping if I don’t have to. Most people are the same, they want to buy from the comfort of their own home.

6) Your internet business is open 24/7

Rather than be open for a limited time, like most brick and mortar shops, your online business is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. That means you can make money while you sleep. Imagine waking up to see page after page of sales your website made while you were counting Sheep.

7) There are no geographical limitations when you run an internet business

You can be based in Nowhere, Iowa and sell your products to India, Japan, Canada, and Mexico. The only limitations online are the limitations we place. With such a huge client base, the whole world, you can access a much wider base of clients and customers. Bold and Determined has readership and clientele from USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Singapore, South Africa, India, Nigeria and many other places I didn’t even know had internet.

8) With an internet based business you have more job security

There is no such thing as job security unless you create it. Your employers want money, rightfully so, and they don’t particularly care how loyal you are and they will do what is necessary for profit not what is necessary to keep their cogs happy. You cannot rely on anyone or any company to employ you forever. You can only ever rely on yourself and one thing is for certain: The internet isn’t going anywhere. I hear a bunch of silly conspiracy theorists worrying about the day the internet gets “shut off”. Friends, there is no on/off switch for the internet. It’s here, it’s here to stay and every damn person you know is addicted to it. I’m addicted to it as much as anyone. The obvious solution here is to make money from your addiction, you will be online anyway so you may as well be making dollars while you do it.

9) When you run an internet business you can better control your companies image and reputation

With bad press and a bad image a company can go under in no time. When you run an internet business, and are internet savvy, you can much better control your company image and reputation. Provide a good product or service and your reputation will be stellar. Be a killer, sure, but be an honest killer.

10) With an internet based business your customers have access to more information and product

With an internet business the sky is the limit in regards to the information and products you can carry. All this means better information and access for your customers. You can have as many or as few products as you want, you can have as many or as few websites as you want.

11) It’s easy to automate your internet business

There are almost an endless amount of products available to help automate your business and make you money while you sleep, eat or travel. Four websites, each making $500 per month automatically is a real nice piece of side money. Double that money and it’s a real income. Triple it and you’re doing quite well.

12) Anyone can start an internet business, from teenager to senior citizen

The beauty of running an internet based business is that anyone with a computer and internet connection can do it. From teenager to senior citizen, white or black, disabled or able-bodied, the internet has no bias. All are welcome and all can make money if they are willing to put in the effort and take action and, most importantly, do it consistently.

13) Running an internet business is more fulfilling than working for someone else

Running your own business is infinitely more fulfilling than being a corporate cog and taking orders from others.

As you can see, starting an internet based business makes sense.

Friends, we have all wanted to leave the rat race and get a bigger piece of the pie while not wasting our lives away behind a cubicle. The one way that everyone in the world can make their own money and make their own schedule is by starting an internet based business. Remember, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW. The first step is simply to take action.

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