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1) Physically build something – Nothing says girly man like an inability to build even the most simplest of objects. If you can’t build a bookshelf or a nightstand it’s high-time you get to building. I tell you, one of the only physical things I truly value is a high-end bookshelf my father made for me many years ago. Since that time I have moved probably a dozen times and I’ve even sold 100% of my furniture, but I still have the bookshelf. It’s the things we build with our own hands, with our own sweat, that are worth something in this life. You can give me an entire Ikea store or keep my bookshelf and I will keep my bookshelf.

2) Build a business – Working for someone else is a soul-killer. Taking orders is for order-takers. Building a business will teach you more about life than all your schooling and work experience combined. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a big-fat check with your name on it as a result of all your sweat equity. Building your own business(s) will develop unwavering confidence in your abilities. Leave the modesty for the modest. You can’t be modest and be a big-dog.

3) Take privacy seriously – It’s a new world, boys. All that seemingly harmless information you give to the internet can and may come back to haunt you. Your name here, your address there, your date of birth here, your social security number there and pretty soon a social engineer has all your information and will take you to the cleaners. It will be a very nasty process trying to get all your dough back after a clever hack robbed you blind because you GAVE AWAY all of your information.

4) Own his online name – See above. Every man should own HisOwnName.com. Whether you want to use it or not. Your name is your identity, it’s your reputation, and you should own it. One day in the future you may want to sell your consulting services online and you want the instant credibility of a dot com behind your name, but if you wait you will not get it. Domains are only going to become harder and harder to come by. If you have a common name like John Smith you will never get your own dot com with your name (unless you use initials like JRSmith.com or something similar) but if you have an uncommon name you should grab your name dot com domain RIGHT NOW. Someday in the future you may have enemies who wish to harm you, they could grab yourname.com and do some real reputation damage.

5) Lift weights – Every reader of BOLD & DETERMINED knows this. Weights are for men. Little baby boys have Olive Oyl arms and fat bellies. Get in the gym and kill it. Lifting weights will teach you how to push yourself to the limit. It will teach you about setting and reaching goals. It will give you confidence in yourself and your abilities. And it will make you STRONG.

6) Eat meat – Meat is what produces testosterone, testosterone is what makes men. All those vegetarian dweebs you see are effeminate for a reason.

7) Dress for success – You can tell everything about a person by the way they dress. Filthy, dirty hippies dress like filthy, dirty hippies and you can tell instantly that they a) have no work ethic, b) want to steal from you and yours, c) hate everything good, wholesome and strong, d) deserve a punch in the face.

Clean and Sharp is the rule. You don’t need to wear a three piece double breasted suit everyday but you do need to be clean and sharp and ready for business.

8) Wet Shave – Shaving with a disposable razor is like shaving with a toy. When you grow up you’re supposed to stop playing with toys. Men should shave with real razors, like their Grandfathers did before them. Wet shaving isn’t just shaving and grooming, it’s a ritual.

You get out your razor, and shaving cream, and badgers hair brush.

You wetten the badgers hair brush and take the brush across your whiskers to wetten them.

You mix up the water and your shaving cream in a coffee mug.

You lather up your face, you really work in the cream in between all the whiskers.

You get out your dual sided safety razor and you start shaving, being careful not to cut yourself because it’s extremely sharp. By the time you are done there is not a single whisker to be found. Your face is as smooth as a baby’s.

9) Shake hands – The hand shake is how men greet and address each other. The ‘fist bump’ and other assorted bullshit is how lower forms of life greet each other. A firm handshake is an indicator of strength and respect. Respect for yourself and respect for others. The fist bump shows a clear lack of respect for tradition, strength and pride. Fist bumpers deserve a fist bump to the face.

10) Keep a Positive Mental Attitude – Read motivating works and listen to motivating music. Despair art and sad music can easily put us into a depressed mood. Uplilfting art can uplift you and put you in a positive state of mind. Just say no to despair blogs, sad music and whiny bullshit. Say yes to high energy art.

11) Own you car outright – Debt is slavery. If you have to make payments on your car you can’t afford it. Buy a cheaper one and pay ALL CASH. 48 months of payments is a long time to pay to get from point A to point B. If you have the dough, go ahead and splurge on a luxury car. If you don’t have the dough, work and build until you do have the dough. Until then, drive something cheaper. Remember, if you can’t afford it in cash you don’t deserve it. LIVE LIKE A SPARTAN.

12) Be loyal to blood – The thing about lowlife liberals is that they hate everything about their race and culture and wish to destroy it. They hate the strength and pride of tradition. Nonsense, embrace the traditional and embrace your blood. When push comes to shove all you have is your blood. No one else will ever do for you in times of need. Blood first, everything else a very, very distant second.

13) Stop watching porn – Heavy porn watchers are always Low-T having, light avoiding, pussy repellent boys. It’s embarrassing to be a masturbater and it is shameful. No matter what the degenerate liars on tv say, it is nothing to be proud of. If someone walked in on you masturbating you would feel righteous shame. When you give up the porn you have time for more important things, like building a business, having more energy, attracting women, and being a damn man.

14) Never supplicate to women – Men are the rightful leaders. When you give your power over to a woman you are truly a vile little specimen. Women don’t deserve undo praise and they certainly do not deserve everything men deserve. You’ve got to be the leader of your woman. If you aren’t the leader of your women you are her follower. A follower is also known as a chump or a cuckold. Don’t be a chump, be a champ!

15) Just say no – Forget the excuses after you say “no”.

Punk version:

Someone: Do you want to help me take care of my sick grandma?

Punk: Oh, well, I would but you know, I have this and that to do and I just don’t have the time…

Man version:

Someone: Do you want to help me take care of my sick grandma?

Man: No.

16) Seek out adventure – What is life if without adventure? BORING. Jump off some cliffs. Run a Spartan death race. Go to Mexico and avoid being kidnapped. Jump from an airplane. Life is for the living, baby. Have fun with it.

17) Take cold showers – Cold showers will turn a sissy into a man. Cold showers are the best. Cold showers refresh you. They make you feel alive. Cold showers get your blood pumping and your lungs working. Cold showers are how a man should start his day.

18) Don’t talk too much – Talking too much about your future plans fools your mind into thinking you’ve already accomplished it. The more you talk about your goals, the LESS LIKELY you are to accomplish them. The rule is don’t say nothing until you’ve accomplished. Before you accomplish you’re just a talker, after you accomplish you’re a walker.

19) Know how to throw a punch – You’ll probably never have to fight anyone in your life. Doesn’t mean you don’t need to know how to throw a punch. Knowing how to throw a punch will give you the confidence you need if ever confronted. There is no reason to go through life not knowing how to do something as simple as throwing a punch.

Besides, punching a heavy bag is a lot of fucking fun.

20) Stay out of debt – Debt is prison. As long as you are in debt you will always be a prisoner. CASH IS KING. If you have the cash, pay for it. If you don’t have the cash, SAVE UP! It is one thing to use credit cards to take advantage of frequent flier miles and other points, it’s another to use credit cards because you can’t afford to buy your girlfriend Christmas gifts. STAY OUT OF DEBT AT ALL COSTS.

21) Never rely on anyone else for your income – It’s a changing world, baby. Jobs are going everywhere except right here. Wherever it’s cheaper, that’s where the jobs go. You cannot rely on a job to provide for you. You got to be a motivator and make your own living. It’s all up to you, a job can be taken away at any moment.

22) Be proud – Pride is a sin? It’s a sin to be a little bitch.

23) Be fit – We already said a man must lift weights, but lifting isn’t enough to give you a hardbody. You’ve got to take control of your diet and supplement regimen. If you’re a fatso you may have to do some cardio as well. Have you ever had someone tough your arms and her eyes go wide? It’s a great feeling. Have you ever heard someone say “Whoa!” when you took your shirt off?

24) Never argue with idiots – Arguing is a waste of time. In any argument one person is right and one person is wrong. Why would the person who is right waste time with the person who is wrong? A stupid person will never be able to understand that they are stupid and wrong, but you make a fool of yourself when you treat stupid people as if they were smart and capable of understanding the truth. If they were smart and capable of understanding the truth then you wouldn’t be arguing in the first place. Arguing is for children. It is unbecoming of a man to be caught acting like a child.

25) Not spend all day on social networking sites – These sites are for girls. Liberated women who are so independent that they have all the time in the world to whine about how there are no real men. Stay the fuck off of these places, there are better uses of your time. (Don’t forget to like this post so your facebook friends can show up and get the kick in the ass they need).

26) Hold yourself accountable – It’s all up to you. If you want it to happen and you put in the work and sweat equity it’s all your fault if it succeeds or fails. Blaming others in the cowards way out.

27) Give 110% at all times – Winning isn’t everything, if you’re a loser. It’s one thing to give it your all and come out 2nd or 3rd best. It’s another to put in only half effort. Half effort motherfuckers are dead to me. You’re either full on 100% or you’re a ghost.

28) Live Like a Spartan – Don’t spend your money frivolously and haphazardly. Keep your body lean, keep your mind mean and keep your credit clean. Simplify your life. It makes things so much easier.

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