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1) Eat Slow to Stay Lean

Next time you’re out to eat around a bunch of people, watch them. All the lean people eat very slow. To lean people, naturally lean, food does not seem to be a big deal. They’ll have a whole plate of food in front of them and they’ll eat a bite here, a bite there and continue the conversation. I was out with a real deal lean girl the other night, I ordered 3 plates of food and she ordered one plate. I finished all 3 of my plates before she finished her one plate. To stay lean naturally, eat slow and let it digest.

2) High Carb or High Fat / Never Both

The combination of eating high carb and high fat equals fat-assery. Choose high carb or high fat, either/or but never both. Of course, you want moderate to high protein always. For a natural guy you would be better off eating high fat, high protein and low carb. For a hormonally enhanced bodybuilder, high carb, high protein and low fat is fine. For a look at what high fat / high carb / low protein does you can take a look at middle easterners. Those people have some of the worst bodies on earth. No muscle and high fat.

3) Eat Pineapples and Drink Pineapple Juice

For a hormonally enhanced trainer, pineapple is highly advisable because pineapple is very good for your liver and, if you are using hormones like superdrol or testosterone, you need to pay special attention to keeping your liver healthy. Fresh pineapple of course is the best, but in a pinch you can grab a 6 pack of those little cans of dole pineapple juice or grab some canned pineapple.

4) Drink Egg Whites / Eggs

Eggs are mother natures protein shakes. They are natural, healthy, cheap and readily available. Whey protein is garbage, toxic waste filled with nasty chemicals. I have been drinking eggs for years and I have never been sick from drinking them. I even drank eggs in China and never got sick. The salmonella risk is completely overblown, you are more likely to get salmonella from eating salad but those stupid freaks on the internet never tell you “don’t eat salad because you’ll get sick”. The trick is to never drink an egg that has a cracked shell. If the shell is cracked, throw it away.

If an egg does have salmonella it will be on the shell, so never crack your eggs on the glass you will be drinking from. Crack the egg somewhere else and then drop the egg into your glass. I typically drink 6 of them. Just pretend you are chugging a beer, you do not need to chew the yolk, it will go down just fine. Eggs don’t have much of a taste, but the texture can be a little gross. After you get used to it, it’s nothing.

If the thought of drinking eggs repulses you there is another solution.

Enter Cartons of Egg Whites……….

At the grocery store you can buy cartons of egg whites (called egg beaters, or the generic version). The cartons run about $4 and they are pure, complete protein. They have been pasteurized so there is no way they can make you sick. Even better, they do not have the yolk which is the hardest part to mentally overcome drinking.

Egg whites have almost no taste, you can chug a whole glass and it tastes almost like water. You can also mix in some powdered lemonade or pink lemonade and it will taste like lemonade. I made the switch from whole eggs to the cartons of egg whites and I absolutely love it. They are extremely easy and there is no cleanup. I have a glass after a workout and I try and have a glass before bed.

Tips: There will be two types of egg white cartons at the grocery store. Type 1 is pure, 100% egg whites and type 2 will have some other bullshit in it. Be sure and buy 100% egg whites.

You may get diarrhea at first after drinking eggs or egg whites, but eventually your body will get used to it and you will be fine.

5) Plate Loaded Hammer Strength Machines are Good

I have said many times that machines are poop and free weights are the way to go. That is still true, but there are exceptions. You need to build up your strength first before you play with machines, and you do that with free weights. But when you become strong and advanced, machines have some huge benefits. Especially the plate loaded hammer strength machines, and double especially the hammer strength back machines.

If you are using a 25 lb plate per side on a back machine you are wasting your time. If you are using two 45 lb plates or more then machines are OK. To build up your back strength focus on pull-ups, chin-ups, deadlifts, bent barbell rows, and rack deadlifts. When you are strong you can start playing with lat pulldowns, seated rows, and all those fancy plate loaded hammer strength machines to really blow your back up.

6) Strength First, Feel the Weight Second

When you first start training you need to get stronger. Period. End of story. You get stronger by lifting heavy weights. You’ll see some big mothertruckers in the gym curling 15 lb dumbbells but those are advanced guys. For a new guy you’ve got to get strong. If you are a natural guy you will never get benefit from using tiny weights. The ironic thing is that you have to be advanced to use tiny weights. Get strong first, get big first, sculpt later with baby weights.

 7) You Will Put on Some Fat to Get Big

If you’re a skinny guy you need to eat, eat and eat some more. It isn’t pleasant, it isn’t fun, and it isn’t comfortable but it’s necessary. Start eating to get bigger. I started at 130 lbs at a height of almost 6’2 .I had to fucking eat and eat. Nowadays I’m over 200 lbs and I maintain on two meals a day, but to get here I had to force feed and I lost my abs to get here. If you’re a skinny guy forget about eating clean, you aren’t going to put on weight eating chicken and rice. If you’re a lean-skinny guy and want to get big, start eating. Maybe you’ll lose your abs and maybe you won’t. If you’re a skinny-fat guy and want to get bigger, start eating. You never had abs so don’t worry about it. If you’re a skinny-fat guy do not diet and get lean. You need MUSCLE to get lean. If you diet as a skinny-fat guy you’re going to look like dogshit. You need muscle first, and if you don’t have muscle underneath you’re going to look like 120 lbs of shit instead of 140 lbs of shit.

8) Don’t Waste Your Money on Supplements

I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it a hundred more times. Supplements are junk and you will never build muscle by using supplements. Supplements can help with general health but you are never going to get jacked from using supplements. Liver tabs are great supps, but that’s because they are liver, just dried liver.

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