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You’ve had the dream of owning your own business, being free, seeing the world, and making lots of money.

But you eventually wake up from what you think is a pipe dream. You think it isn’t really real reality.

That’s when the doubt sets in.

How could you ever survive without a job you ask yourself.

You start to think you aren’t clever enough, resourceful enough, or determined enough to start your own business. You start to think your skills aren’t worth much money.

Or maybe you just think you aren’t good enough to be the boss and start your own business.

I have some truly good news.

Anyone who has a job, a real job – not a ‘make-work’ government job – has the ability to make money, a lot of it, on their own.

If somebody pays you money to do what you do then you have the ability to start your own business and make money without an employer holding your leash, uh, I mean hand for you.

Listen, this is how business works:

Your employer pays you less money than the amount of money you are generating for the company.

That means you are already making money for your company – more money than they are paying you. You have a verifiable money making strategy. But what you’re doing is giving money away!

You’re selling your services at less than the going rate.

If you are employed in a real job you have a money-making skill and you’re selling that skill at a reduced price.

But not only are you selling your services at a discount, you are selling your most precious asset you will ever have (your time).

Oh, and you’re selling your most precious asset at a discount.

Today we’re having a sale on Johnny Worker Bees soul – 50% off!

Get it?

But aren’t you safe if you have a job?

That’s a funny joke. You aren’t safe at all working a job and you never will be.

Your boss can fire you tomorrow. Your company can go under. Your company can move your department to India.

You’re giving away your skills and time at a discount and you’re doing it in a very risky, unsafe way that is also a highly ineffective way to get rich. (Why would you ever work just to make ends meet when you can work to get rich?)

If you believe that your job is somehow different and safe please ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Can your boss fire you?
  2. Can you fire yourself?

I’ve had a lot of jobs and I’ve been fired a lot of times. I got fired from banking, I got fired from selling insurance, I got fired from selling furniture, I got fired from being the assistant manager at a video store, I got fired from working the graveyard shift at a hotel, I even got fired from a job mopping floors at a liquor store.


I never got fired from real estate investing and I never got fired from blogging. Why not? Because I created those jobs.

And guess what, today I’m going to tell you the easiest way to start your own business and increase your income.

How do you leave the “safety” of your job and go into business for yourself?

If you’re already gainfully employed you can turn the tables, you can create a job and you can end up exactly where your employer is right now. You can become the employer with an army of worker bees working to make you rich.

You do the exact same thing you do right now, with a few minor changes.

  1. 1st change – You quit your job.
  2. 2nd change – You start calling yourself a consultant rather than an employee (or some feel-good title like VP).
  3. 3rd change – You bust your butt to get clients and you do the best damn job that anyone in your field does. You build up a large client list.
  4. 4th change – You hire qualified people to work for you. You pay them less money than the amount of money they generate for you. You give them “feel-good” titles like vice president of marketing so they feel good about earning less money and sacrificing for the company.
  5. 5th change – Now you have an army or worker bees working to make you rich. You make a whole lot more money than you ever did working your safe and secure job.

Is it going to be easy?

That’s a question that losers ask, and if you ask that question then entrepreneurship is not for you.

A better question to ask is “is it going to be worth it?“.

Of course it’s going to be worth it and the reality is that it’s not really hard but it does take a lot of time and effort.

Do you know what doesn’t take time and effort? Being a loser.

The Magic B Word

Build. Building. Builder.

Building something is what makes a man stand tall, proud and triumphant. Building requires time and effort but it’s what gives your life meaning and purpose.

Without something to build, without something to work towards, without a goal what are you? Nothing. A ghost, neither here nor there. Invisible. The invisible man quietly making money for his betters.

At a job you aren’t building anything, you’re wasting the days away while your soul erodes because you have no purpose in life.

When you go into business, when you build a business, your life starts to have purpose and meaning. You start to have a reason to wake up in the morning and not hit the snooze button over and over. You start to live.

Look at those zombies in the office next to you and see if they look like they have purpose in life. I saw it before with my own eyes and I’ll tell you without fib that they have no purpose in life. They’re dead in the eyes and dead in the soul because they aren’t builders.

But think about this: Those lifeless zombies still generate money for the company. If they can generate money imagine what a determined man, a man with a soul, can do if he puts his mind to it.

Imagine what you could do if you had your soul back.

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