SEO and Google Ads Consultation and Training

Although Cybersecurity is my main field, I built up decent knowledge in the SEO field from past projects and still keeping up with the latest search engine algorithm changes.

I also work in search and display marketing using Google-Ads. I specialize in optimizing conversions and call to action for your business website using different strategies, placements, audiences and keywords for your Google Ads campaigns.

I worked with different clients in different countries and in various sectors. Some of my clients are in the healthcare industry, craftsmanship, home design, and real estate.

For a full list of my clients, please contact me.

What SEO services can I provide?

  • Full SEO Audit for your website. This includes backlinks audit, technical audit, performance audit, and complete fix for all SEO issues to make your website crawlable and ready to rank.
  • SEO Training. If you are looking to learn SEO, I offer SEO training on all aspects of SEO including on-page and off-page. My hourly rate is 25$ / hr.
  • On-going SEO consultation. This is continuous SEO work between me and you as a client. 

What Google Ads Service can I provide?

  • Creating and connecting your pages with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google ads to track conversions and online sales leads. 
  • Managing and optimizing your account’s Display and search campaigns to bring in more leads with manageable costs and impressive click-through rate (CTR).

Do not forget to contact me if you want to see my client’s list and previous or current ranking achievements.