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1) Writing articles is only one piece of the puzzle.

The equation isn’t write more articles = make more money.

The equation is publish the best articles + give it time = more money.

Publishing articles constantly would be a waste of my time and I value my time more than anything.

2) The amount of art I create and don’t publish could make another man rich.

I am always working on something but I put out the best or I put out nothing. I don’t give a damn if it’s two months in between posts.

3) I don’t talk about my behind the scenes plans.

I don’t spill the beans to anyone unless they’re in the inner circle. The inner circle is exclusive and elitist. There are only 4 people in the BADWORLD inner circle (including me), the rest of you will just have to wait.

I followed those 4 guidelines for years, guess what happened….

I’ve become completely financially free. I had money before B&D; but I actually had to go out in the real world and do some work Now I don’t even have to leave my war room if I don’t want to.

Not only am I financially free, but my inner circle doesn’t have to worry about money either.

There’s a big difference between working and having a job. Having a job is for suckers, working on something that benefits you long term is what winners do.

Anyone who works for me doesn’t have to work a real job. There is no time clock, there is no micro-management, there is no incompetent boss, there is no being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic yelling at the idiots who can’t drive, there is no affirmative action and there is no equal opportunity.

You pull your weight, you get taken care of. Period.

Example: Miss Lion, part of the inner circle, doesn’t have a job because:

  1. She doesn’t need to have a job, she’s financially free thanks to me
  2. I want her here working for me (cooking, cleaning, ___ing) and
  3. Jobs are no way to live life – I wouldn’t make her do something I hate so very much

Like I said in the title, I made a commitment to excellence. That commitment turned into financial freedom for me and my chosen ones.

But another thing happened that I never expected or planned…

Having a commitment of excellence, dedication and discipline has turned me into an authority figure and a father figure.

I never wanted to be anyone’s daddy (well, not for men) but here I am in that position – in real life and on the internet.

My girlfriends have always called me daddy but to be 28 years old (when I started B&D;, not now) and have guys emailing me telling me I was like the father they never had was a little new to me.

And it still happens every week.

So instead of running from it I embrace it. I want to see young men of character fulfill their destinies and I’ll be here to facilitate that. That’s a guarantee.

I still won’t tolerate morons, but young men of vision, courage and spirit will get great benefit from future BADWORLD output.

As it happens I’ve taken on my first “intern”. He’s got a great pool-view condo just two floors down from me and he gets to eat nutritious and delicious food all for the price of working for me 24/7.

How to intern/apprentice the right way

Normal interns are stupid people. They aren’t working for knowledge or to learn a skill, they are working to add some words to their resume so they can get a job in the future.

To add those little words to their resume they work for free for their masters and they get zero in return. They have to beg for money from their parents, they have to live on credit cards, they live like dogs while they “survive” their internship.

My guy isn’t surviving, he’s thriving.

The best way to “intern” is to not intern for a company but to apprentice for a successful individual.

To get any benefit from an internship you’ll want to be more like a personal assistant to a big dog than to be a coffee boy at a big corporation.

To a big corporation you’re just free labor. They couldn’t care less if you succeed or fail in life, they have no skin in the game. They aren’t responsible for you.

When people are fully responsible for you they care about you and they care if you succeed because you can directly affect their bottom line.

My “intern” isn’t really an intern. He is my apprentice. He gets room, board and food but that’s inconsequential compared to the real value.

The real value of “interning” with a successful man is knowledge. You get to learn mastery from a master. When my guy leaves here he’s going to be a master entrepreneur long before he reaches the age of 30.

And he gets to do all of that without worrying about making rent, buying food or going into debt.

How to find an apprentice/intern

What if you’re already a big dog and you’d like to find an apprentice/protege to come and work for you?

If you’re making big boy money and need a sidekick how do you pick someone who will work for you for free in return for your specialized knowledge, skill-set and dedicated attention to them?

Easy answer.

You look for a young man with DRIVE. You look for a go-getter in training.

You don’t pick someone who is completely talentless and lost.

You pick a young man who already has the right mindset and can be grown from an Alaskan Husky into a full-grown Wolf.

Pick a guy with the right mindset and you’re work is already done.

“Change your mindset – change your life”

I’ll tell you a thousand times until it sinks in.

Mindset is key.

If you want to change your life you first have to change your mindset.

It’s not about who you know, it’s not about how good looking you are, it’s not about how much money you have in the bank – it’s mindset.

All those things will come to you (in time) if you have a killers mindset.

Developing the right mindset

Answer these questions:

  1. What do you want? (The answer is yours alone)
  2. How will you get it? (I’ve spelled out the answer – Mindset)
  3. Will you quit for any reason? (If the answer is anything other than ‘no’ you will not fulfill your destiny and you do not have the right mindset)

Some say it’s kill or be killed.

I say winners are too busy killin’ to think about the “or” part.

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