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A lot of people make money just by being themselves.

The way that they make money is very simple:

  1. They create content and upload it online.
  2. Their audience consumes that content.
  3. The content producers make money from advertisements, selling their books or products.

It’s as easy as that and the startup costs are lower than any other businesses startup costs in the entire world.

I know because I’m one of those people and I know that anyone can do a version of what I do (make money by being you).

Why doesn’t everyone do that, now that the technology is freely available?

Most people think they cannot do it. They think you have to be someone special or do something special.

Which is incorrect, you do not have to be special. You simply have to be someone people like or hate or you have to be informative.

It isn’t 1965. Old rules don’t apply.

The world is making money online and if you aren’t, you’re way behind.

Because the world is online, so is the money. Where people go, money follows.

Average Joe spends his time consuming content (YouTube videos, blog articles, podcasts, social media etc).

Above average Joe sees this and takes advantage of the opportunity by producing the very content that average Joe consumes.

That’s the get rich open secret that no one knows – you are the content producer, you are the new media, there are no barriers to entry now.

By making the online content that average Joe consumes, Above-Average Joe can get wealthy.

All Average-Joe needs to do is flip a switch in his brain and say “from now on I will be a content producer, not just a content consumer”.

The 7 Steps to Making Money by Being Yourself

1) Know who you are, know what you want to say, have a message or have a personality.

It should go without saying, but it won’t – you need something to say.

I cannot tell you what your message is, that’s up to you.

If you don’t have a message, you will not make money by being yourself.

2) Know that jobs are the worst way to make money

You must know that jobs are a waste of time to make big money LONG TERM.

We have all been conditioned to believe that jobs are the way to make money.

That was true even 15 years ago, but it isn’t true today.

Internet is life.

You are on the internet right now reading this article.

Walk outside and look at what each person is doing. They are all glued to their smart phones. They are all addicted to someone’s content.

Why can’t it be your content that people are reading/watching/listening to?

You could be working instead of reading, but because you are reading instead of working I am making money and you aren’t.

Work a job to survive – do not work a job to thrive.

You take a job if you need money now, you don’t take a job to live your life.

Life should be free, and thanks to the internet you can be free.

Getting a job today is a stupid idea when there is so much money and freedom to be had just by being yourself.

A job limits you to X amount per year. Working for yourself doesn’t limit you at all.

You can make as much money online as you want.

3) Online is the answer. There’s so much money online

It must be said repeatedly – internet is where the money is.

Even if you need to work a job to support yourself until you make internet money.

If you ain’t online then you ain’t making money.

How to make money online by being yourself?

There are 4 avenues:

  1. Write a blog
  2. Write books
  3. Make YouTube videos
  4. Do a podcast

Those are your 4 ways to make money by being yourself.

I make money from my blog.

PedDiePie makes 7 million per year from his YouTube videos.

Joe Rogan makes a fortune from his podcast.

There is one thing we all have in common…

4) Create content consistently.

You must release consistent content.

Consistency is key.


Don’t make me laugh.

There are no secrets to success.

“Consistency is key” is cliche for a reason – because it works.

People have to know you, they have to know what you’re about.

Have something to say, of course. Have a message, of course.

And then get that message out to your people.

The only way they will ever get to know you is by you consistently creating content and telling them what you’re about.

Bold and Determined has been online for 5 years.

That means my message has been spreading for 5 years.

What have you been doing consistently for the last 5 years to make money for yourself?

5) Own your name. Own your name. Own your name.

You should be the provider of information about yourself.

Your reputation is in your hands and you need to own your websites and social media accounts.

You have to spread your information and content and you have to spread it through your name/brand.

6) Now that you own your own name, become your own media.

Do not rely on the mainstream media to get your message out.

Your message will be delivered via book, blog, podcast or video.

You are your own publisher now.

Thanks to the internet, you have no need for attention from mainstream media.

In fact, mainstream media is dying and digital media is thriving.

Your message can be delivered faster than ever before, and even more importantly –

Your message can be delivered in your exact words.

Now, you are your own celebrity – even if you’re just a nobody.

But I have news for you – everybody is really just a nobody.

The difference is in action and belief – not in blood and genetics.

Some people simply work more, believe more and do more to achieve more.

Which brings us to number 7…

7) Always be on. There are no “off” days from yourself.

If you want to make money by being yourself then forget about off days.

Your life is now your work.

There is no work/life balance.

There is work and there is work and nothing else. Your life is now work.

Consistency is key – so always be on

You cannot take a break from being you.

Always on, always you, all of the time.

Always be looking for and working on the next piece of content.

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