Well, Since the day I decided to do Nofap I had no idea about it other than the online community. As days passed by, I have become too consumed with the knowledge I found online particularly in this subreddit and at the official Nofap site.

So let me list the things I have learned from the online community about Nofap:

1- Porn and its substitutes are not allowed whatever the form be it videos or just pics

What can you do to help yourself in the process?

1- Learning about the negative effects of PMO and the positive effects that will change your life if you commit to doing Nofap as much as you can.

Since I like to analyze facts and data, I wanted to find a rooted culture or religion that explicitly called for abstaining from PMO, and I found, according to my research, that Islam has many in common. I mean how come a religion called for that centuries ago and now we are finding out about that?

Let me list what I found:

Points of debut

Islam explicitly prohibits sex and calls for marriage and family formation to be the only allowed relationship between a man and a woman. So let’s say one is following the Islamic Version of Nofap.

My questions

1- Isn’t the Islamic Nofap better at helping one abstaining from PMO by centering around the point of not allowing you to stare excessively at women hence this alone will make the fantasies and sexual thoughts disappear in no time?

My Experience with Nofap

I am on 126 days streak now, had 3 wet dreams, and feeling perfect.

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