Why Building a Cyber Security Notes System is Important?

Most of us regardless of the field of we work we do need a reference to get back to when we need something that went out of memory. In cyber security, maintaining a list of notes and categorizing them is tremendously important as not everyone is able to remember details such as command line switches.

Over time, I built a huge list of cyber security notes inspired from field work, CTF challenges, self learning or even taken from books I occasionally read.

I organized my notes structure and categorized them into blue team and red team notes. Here is what I mean

cyber security notes list - obsidian

As you can see, I try to list concepts and the corresponding command syntax if any to maintain context and easy of use. Obsidian is my preferred program to organize my notes.

Now why I am saying all of this to you? As you know not all of us can keep up and write notes every time you learn or come across something. Additionally, you may not know how to get started that’s why I offer my notes to be accessed online and on-demand for those who want to save their time and have a single cyber security reference of ready and up to date cyber security and penetration testing notes.

How The Cyber Security Notes System Works?

After you become a channel member, you will get online access to cyber security and penetration testing notes through Google Drive. Here is what you will see once you get access

Cyber Security Notes

As you can see I use the same categorization much like my Obsidian notes.

Some  notes are in PDF format, you can see example below for Linux privilege escalation notes

linux privilege escalation notes

Additionally Some other notes are in Obsidian markup format.

The ones in PDF can only be checked online in order to preserve your paid subscriptions we prevent downloading offline copies / copying text to prevent any possible leak to the free internet pages which wastes your paid subscriptions by letting others download it for free therefore we only offer the notes that contain long scripts/commands to be downloaded just for convenience reasons. Don’t forget that the notes are always changing with updates and new notes files so keep up always with the channel post updates and the Google drive as well.

The ones in Obsidian markup format can be downloaded and imported to Obsidian so that you can have them there to easily copy/paste long commands and scripts. 

The notes are over 400 pages of pdf content. I update the notes every other day as well to keep up with the latest evolvements in the cyber security field.

What are the areas covered by the cyber security notes?

At the time of writing/updating this post, the cyber security notes system is divided into two categories mainly for blue teams and red teams as well. Check the photo below to take a look at the breakdown

Cyber security notes

How do You get the notes?

You can get the notes by subscribing to my YouTube channel membership