We covered practical examples of bypassing domain redirection restrictions. In the first example we used a Webhook to render requests that call a function used to execute system commands. The second example, we used bypass techniques to redirect the webpage into different paths that reveal sensitive files. This was part of HackTheBox RenderQuest & ProxyAsAService web challenges.

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You’ve found a website that lets you input remote templates for rendering. Your task is to exploit this system’s vulnerabilities to access and retrieve a hidden flag. Good luck!


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In RenderQuest challenge, we used a webhook to create a custom request that calls the function FetchServerInfo that’s used in the main code file main.go.

In the request, we included the following payload: {{FetchServerInfo “ls -la”}} which retrieves the contents of the current directory. We carried on with other commands to retrieve the challenge flag.

In ProxyAsAService challenge, we manipulated the url parameter and used the @ payload followed by the local address so that the payload looks like: url=@

The above payload triggered the function responsible for printing out the environment variables which included the challenge flag.

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