What is Elastic Stack?

Elastic stack is the collection of different open source components linked together to help users take the data from any source and in any format and perform a search, analyze and visualize the data in real-time.

Purpose of Using Elastic Stack

Elastic Stack or Elastic, Logstash & Kibana are mainly used for:

  • Data analytics.
  • Security and threat detection.
  • Performance monitoring.

What is Elastic Search

Elasticsearch is a full-text search and analytics engine used to store JSON-formated documents. Elasticsearch is an important component used to store, analyze, perform correlation on the data, etc.
It is built on top of Apache Lucene and provides a scalable solution for full-text search, structured querying, and data analysis. Elasticsearch supports RESTFul API to interact with the data.

Table of Contents:

Important Note


Purpose of ELK


  • I am a data analyst, how should I start?
  • I am a security engineer, how should Istart?

-Components of elastic stack

  • Elastic Search
  • Purposes of Using Elastic Search
  • Elastic Search Index
  • Elastic Search Node
  • Elastic Search Clusters
  • Elastic Search Installation and
  • configuration
  • Elastic Search Configuration
  • Verifying Installation
  • Executing Search Queries in Elastic
  • Search

Ingesting Logs

  • With Elastic Agent
  • With Log Stash
  • Installing and ConfiguringLogstash
  • With Beats
  • Types of Beats
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Beats Vs Logstash: Which one to usefor log collection and ingestion?
  • Example Ingesting Fortinet FirewallLogs


  • Installing and Configuring Kibana
  • Kibana Components
  • Discover Tab
  • Fields
  • Tables
  • KQL (Kibana Query Language)
  • Reserved Characters in KQL
  • WildCards in KQL
  • Searching The Logs with KQL

Data Visualization


Creating Canvas with Kibana

Creating Maps with Kibana

Creating Alerts in Kibana

Cyber Cases Studies

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