In this video walkthrough, we covered how to investigate web activity for users with Splunk. TryHackMe Splunk 2 100 series questions.

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Answer the questions below
Amber Turing was hoping for Frothly to be acquired by a potential competitor which fell through, but visited their website to find contact information for their executive team. What is the website domain that she visited?

Amber found the executive contact information and sent him an email. What image file displayed the executive’s contact information? Answer example: /path/image.ext

What is the CEO’s name? Provide the first and last name.

What is the CEO’s email address?

After the initial contact with the CEO, Amber contacted another employee at this competitor. What is that employee’s email address?

What is the name of the file attachment that Amber sent to a contact at the competitor?

What is Amber’s personal email address?

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