In this video walkthrough, we covered Active Directory penetration testing and Privilege Escalation through techniques such as ASREProsting and Kerebroasting.

These guys call themselves hackers. Can you show them who’s the boss ??

Throw something like a rock on the big green thingy on the right side here to deploy your box.

The box has ICMP enabled. So, look at ping first before starting recon and stop slapping `-Pn` on nmap.

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OSCP Certificate Notes

Windows Active Directory Penetration Testing Study Notes

Video Walk-through


What is the Domain Name?
What is Steven’s Flag?

What is the zip file’s password?

What is Ljudmila’s Hash?

What is Ljudmila’s Flag?

What is Xyan1d3’s password?

What is Xyan1d3’s Flag?

What is the root Flag?

What is Tyson’s Flag?

What is the complete top secret?

Did you like your cookie?

Say Yes or I will do sudo rm -rf /* on your PC

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