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Addicted movie tells The story that begins with stunning, happily married businesswoman Zoe Reynard (played by Sharon Leal). She has the perfect life. She has two great kids, a husband who thinks the world of her, a loving, caring mother who lives with her (and is quite tolerable), and a beautiful home via the outskirts of Atlanta, GA. But wait a minute, her perfect husband isn’t fulfilling her everyday needs (sexually that is). He’s never around and is always working. Her solution: have a series of romantic trysts with a well revered painter (Quinton Canosa played by William Levy) and a womanizing club hopper (Corey played with minimal dialogue by Tyson Beckford). This leads to her addiction by which she literally ruins her career, fractures her family values, is forced to see a shrink, and decides in anguish, to (spoiler alert) commit freeway suicide

Addicted movie is a little more romantic than most recent films about sex addiction like Nymphomaniac part 1 and 2, but thankfully the movie does not dumb down the condition. Instead, simplifies it greatly.

The movie focus is on a happily married woman who fills a void in her life when an affair with another man triggers her sex addiction using a more romantic approach.

The entire cast did a good acting job. I’ve never seen William Levy in anything before, but I thought he played a good “Mistress” in this film. Lead actress Sharon Leal and Boris Kodjoe were also good in the movie.

Was Zoe Sex Addicted?

Zoe started a torrid sexual affair with a talented local artist. We are told she is addicted to sex… not having an affair. As she and her new lover view some of his work and have public sex, it is because of an addiction. As she poses nude for paintings for him and they then have sex, it is because of an addiction to sex and not a sorted affair. As she looks upon various other nude paintings of various young women with great jealousy, she is somehow not having an affair with this fellow but is just addicted to sex. As she discovers him sleeping with his neighbor and reacts with more jealousy we are to believe she was not having an affair but was merely addicted to sex. As her artist lover asks her to leave her husband and she tells her psychiatrist she is tempted to do so, somehow her counselor interprets this to be a sex addiction and not her having a family crushing extramarital affair.

But wait, there is another fellow she starts sleeping with. That will make two other men besides her husband. When one lover gets too clingy, she starts another affair. This hardly seems like an addiction but we have been told it is so. If you are a woman who is addicted to sex, I hope you are as lucky as Zoe to come across the real-life male model Tyson Beckford playing Corey. Her first sex with Corey as I recall was a quickie in a public bathroom at a club.

This actually fits the mold for what I would call a hookup fitting a sex addict. Yet on their next tryst, Zoe gets all dressed up and wears uncharacteristic red lipstick. They party late into the night rolling around on the floor drinking booze and snorting cocaine. Sex addiction apparently involves an hours-long drug induced hot date while your husband and family wait at home wondering where you are. Just to be clear, she was on a date. She was not just hooking up with someone for sex.

Just as with her first lover, she is hanging out with him having a good time. She is on a date. She is cheating on her husband. As she prepares to enter their home where her husband is waiting, she pauses to wipe away the red lipstick. She’s just a little drunk and stoned with some disheveled clothing, but the trusting husband won’t suspect anything if she’s not wearing the red lipstick.

Ending Explained

Zoe suddenly is stricken with sex addiction as a result of a horrible rape she endured but doesn’t recall as a ten-year-old girl approximately 25 years ago.. We know this to be true of the beautiful Zoe by the end of the movie because we are told it is true. It is evidenced by repeated reference to a missing memory, an unexplained scar, and finally a dream near the conclusion where Zoe finally remembers. In the final moments of the movie, Zoe relates this information to her group of sex addicts, their psychiatrist, and finally her husband as he enters the room. The writers, director, producers, and the original novel dictate it is true, so we must accept it to be so. It is the name of the movie after all!

Addicted Movie vs Other Similar Movies

Directed by the guy who made Honey (2003) and Beauty Shop (2005) and based on a best selling novel of the same name, Addicted is like a carbon copy of 2002’s Unfaithful. But where Unfaithful had a murder and a sored cover-up to that murder, this limited October release has a silly, kill-free twist at the end (I’m not gonna count a failed suicide as murder in case you’re keeping score). It also has many more love scenes in it than Unfaithful not to mention a main character that ends up having more than just one affair.

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