In this post, we are going to go over the advertising methods that you can use on Facebook according to your business objectives.

Promote Your Page

Business Goal: To increase people’s awareness of your business and get more Page likes which is a great way to reach people who may be interested in your brand based on similar content and pages they’ve interacted with.
Success Metric:  Look at the number of people who engage with your ad. Also, keep an eye on your follower count to determine if the ad is driving numbers up.

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Boost A Post

Business Goal: To show your ad to as many people as possible within your target audience.
Boosting a post can create more awareness around your business and increase online visibility for your business. If looking to extend your reach on Facebook, boosting a post can also help get more people to react, share and comment on your content, as well as help expand your audience to friends of followers and new audiences altogether.
Select a pre-existing post that has performed well among your target audience, or one that best represents your business.
Success Metric: Look at the post engagement number, which is the total number of actions that people have taken involving your ad.

Promote Your Business Locally

Business Goal: A local promotion ad may target the population around your brick-and-mortar business, or you may just want to target a specific area of your city or town to increase local awareness if your business is solely online. Regardless, local promotion is possible through geo-targeting a specific area and reaching your ideal audience.
You’ll be able to set the range of your ad from your current location, anywhere from a 1-mile radius to a 50-mile radius. You will also have the option to narrow your audience by gender, interests, education, age, and other parameters.
Success Metric: Look at how many people you reached in your audience.

Get More Website Visitors

Business Goal: Send people from Facebook to your business’s website
Success Metric: Look at the number of link clicks on your ad, as well as traffic stats on your website platform.

Promote Your App

Business Goal: To get more people to download your business’s app
Success Metric: Look at your number of app downloads from your ad.

Get More Leads

Business Goal: Collect information from people interested in your business

Promote Your Send Message Button

Business Goal: Communicate with potential or existing customers and encourage interest in your business

Making your Call-to-Action (CTA) on your business Page a ‘Send Message’ button lets visitors instantly take action to contact you via your ad and helps you form relationships with potential customers.
Success Metric: Look at the number of clicks on your send message button.

Get More Website Purchases

Business Goal: Encourage people to take a specific action on your business’s site

Increase online purchases for your business by turning potential buyers into returning customers.  You’ll have the option to send audiences directly to a product check-out page, or to a page on your online shop.

The Website Purchases ad will optimize your ad by using data to identify audiences most likely to buy your product or service. It will help determine the best path to generate a sale based on your website traffic and other factors. If Facebook is unable to determine who is making purchases yet due to a lack of data, it will show your ad to people who have looked at your products or have placed items in their cart. Once there is enough data collected for your business, Facebook will be able to optimize your ad for purchases.

Success Metric: Look to see the number of website purchases brought in through the ad.

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