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Dear Child TV German MiniSeries 2023 | Key Facts & Characters & Ending Explained

Dear Child is a German blend of mystery, family drama, horror, and cop procedural show. It tells the story of a woman and two children who are held captive by a man in a windowless makeshift home, until one day the woman and the girl (Hannah) escape and run through woodland but when they reach a road Jasmine is run over by a car.

Rushed to hospital she is checked in as Lena. This name matches that of a woman who went missing thirteen years previously who would be around the same age. Gerd Bühling, the police officer who ran the original missing persons case hears of this and tells Lena’s parents that she may have turned up.

The entire story relies on the overpowering mind control that the kidnapper has over Jasmin, Hannah and Jonathan.

Unfortunately the story line does lack more depth to provide you with a further understanding of character background. In particular more about the killer themselves and their motive however, despite all the annoying plot holes and lapses of plausibility, and despite the fact that the final episode, for all its drama, will probably leave you somewhat disappointed and baffled, It’s well-acted, well-directed, and, for most of the way, enjoyably creepy, atmospheric, and intriguing.

Some questions remain unanswered

At the conclusion, I was a little frustrated because, while there was some sort of resolution, there was still a lack of clarity regarding reasons and very little backstory of all that occurred before to Jasmine and Hannah being found.

Other questions that were not answered in the show include

  • Why was Schwester Ruth, the nurse, killed?
  • What was the point of searching for Tinka the cat?.
  • Why were all the other women, who were kidnapped beside Lena,killed?
  • How did the perpetrator/kidnapper/killer became the person he was? What is his story?
  • Who is the father of Jonathan? Presumably the kidnapper, but it’s never mentioned.
  • There was a tension between the male cop and the grandmother. They once had an affair in the past. But in the series nothing was done with this information, back story.
  • The kidnapper apparently has access to land mines… how exactly? Abandoned NATO bases do not keep ammunition, let alone land mines laying around.
  • The kidnapper is able to spy on several people using security cameras and cameras hidden in smoke detectors — which would be fine given his background in security — but we also have to believe that he is a genius super hacker with the ability to hack any system and sneak into the private homes of whomever he desires.

Hannah (Nailah Schuberth); The most captivating character

We see this rather sweet looking child who has been through so much and we are given clues. But we have no real understanding of the conditioning she’s been subjected to and who’s side she’s on!

Hannah didn’t appear that upset when her father (the kidnapper) was killed and she was left to walk the beach with Jasmine at the last episode, despite the fact that she had spent years being raised in a particular manner and doing everything in her power to follow him (her father).

Additionally, Is Hannah strong enough to kill a full grown man with a piece of wood? Remember that she is a 12 year old, living on energy bars and powder milk?

The Women Kidnapper

The kidnapper is revealed to be very disheveled and overweight who kidnaps ladies and brainwashes them into thinking that they are Lena. He does not fit the profile of someone as highly organized as someone would expect for such a well-thought out and continuous crime.

But since his own company was the security detail on the closed army base, it was easy for him to hold Jasmin and the kids there. Although, to be perfectly honest, as soon as they found the boy on that base I knew it had to be someone involved in the security. There’s no other way they could have pulled it off.

What about the police characters?

Detective Buhling had good relationship with the parents of Lena Beck. He was committed to Lena’s case and sacrificed his sanity and health to try to help her parents find closure.

I liked Buhling’s character and the other detective, Aida Kurt, and appreciated their dedication to the case. I felt empathy for Buhling as the Becks had been his personal friends and he was coping with the feelings he had for Karin as well as their constant pressure to solve the case, and a lingering disappointment in him that he had not been able to do so for 13 years.

There were issues with police protocol, though. I still think their characters were done well and had some redeeming qualities. I liked that Aida went to visit Max, the man who had lost his legs because of the land mine explosion, and who had hesitated to enter the compound, but had been guilt-tripped by Aida to enter anyway. It’s a combination of all these factors that leave the viewer wanting an ending that really pays off, that makes these decisions worth it, that vindicates Buhling and Aida, that gives Lena’s parents something to subdue their pain. And, of course, that properly avenges Jasmine and her plight.

Ending Explained

I thought the ending was great because here we think Jasmine has actually been so brainwashed she’s going to return with papa (the kidnapper), but she tricks papa into thinking she plans to use a knife on him so she can make him feel at ease once he takes it away from her. It felt ecstatic to realize she was taking back her life when she took out the sharp broken glass and killed him with it.

She just went off on her own revenge mission and put herself in danger again. Her plan could have backfired on her quite easily. 

I do think the ending was a bit rushed and could have been spread over more episodes. Some more backstory too maybe. But in the end all burning questions are answered in a way and the bad guy gets what he deserves. And the survivors all get a somewhat happy ending.

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