Devil In Ohio TV Series Season 1 Summary & Episodes List

Episode 1: “Broken Fall

Episode 2: “Sanctuary”

Episode 3: “Mother’s Keeper”

Episode 4: “Rely-Upon”

Episode 5: “Alight”

Episode 6: “My Love and I”

Episode 7: “By Blood”

Episode 8: “The Dawning”

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Devil in Ohio Season 1 ending explained

The main theme of Devil in Ohio is mothers. There are three main ones, and they all make crucial decisions that have far-reaching effects for their children. Because Suzanne’s mother permitted her husband to assault Suzanne, Suzanne has a strong protective instinct toward Mae and tries to shield her at the expense of her other kids. Abigail, Mae’s birth mother, likewise selects an abuser above her daughter. Abigail would sooner die as a cult sacrifice than go with Mae and be the mother her daughter deserves.

And then there’s Suzanne, the last mother. Suzanne is neglecting her other children even though she may believe that by defending Mae, she is acting in opposition to what her mother did. Suzanne becomes so focused on learning from her mother’s faults that she neglects everything else. The cult’s obsession was a fanciful agreement with the devil that required them to sacrifice one of their own members. Furthermore, Suzanne’s attention was solely focused on Mae, unable to recognize that by allowing someone into her house, she was endangering the people she cared about.

Devil In Ohio TV Series | Key Facts & Characters

Dr. Suzanne Mathis

It was very clear throughout the show that Suzanne was manipulated by Mae to stay with her and keep her as her guardian. Mae did practicse all sorts of psychological manipulation to keep Suzanne for her and drive a wedge between Suzanne and her family. The season finale shows Suzanne living with Mae alone while the rest of the family lives in a separate house.

At the show finale, Suzanne acts on her impluses that were formed during her sad and abusive childhood and she runs to save Mae and burns down Amontown, killing Mae’s birth mother Abigail (Caroline Cave).

Suzanne’s actions with Mae were driven as a result of her abusive childhood where she failed to save her mother from her abusive step father while at the same time she considers that her mother faield to protect her from the abuse of her step father. This formed a psychological complex of guilt and feeling vitcimized at the same time. This complex dicated her actions with Mae during the show in an attempt to make-up and compensate for her failure to save her mother, she is now trying to save Mae.


Mae originally is the daughter of a cult leader and she was dubbed as the chosen one. She was marked with a pentagram on her back and is supposed to be burned alive as a sacrifice in a ritual that will take place in a full moon night.

Mae meets with Dr Suzanne and ever since she was praying and doing all she can to stay with the Mathis family. At the harvest queen night, Mae hid a bouquet of white roses behind the school the night of the dance, allowing her the pretence of being triggered to return to Amontown to trick Suzanne into running to save her. Mae has gone to many lengths not to be separated from Suzanne, and has shown she will do anything to have her for herself. As Suzanne gazes at her and sees her in a new light, Mae – gratified at achieving exactly what she wanted – tells Suzanne to sit and eat, saying “we deserve this”.

At the end, although Mae has engaged in a lot of deceptive behavior during the TV show, in my opinion, she is not a villain. Rather, she is a young woman who was raised with a particular set of values and may still adhere to many of them.

She’s still a teenage girl, too. Unfortunately, selfish behavior can occasionally be displayed by youths or even by individuals in general. Being egotistical is a sign of humanity, not of wickedness, in Mae’s case. Furthermore, Mae’s manipulation of events and potential use of Satan’s power demonstrate her lack of trustworthiness, but this does not imply that Mae is a monster in and of herself. Mae’s tendency toward deception is evident in the Devil in Ohio conclusion, but it is probably the result of years of abuse, brainwashing, and suffering.

The Cult

Mae’s family’s cult believes that their community is prosperous because of a deal they made long ago with Lucifer.

Every generation, a woman must sacrifice herself in order to fulfill the agreement. It is the source of their catchphrase, “The chain shall not be broken.” Mae was supposed to be the next sacrifice, but in the epilogue, her mother voluntarily offered her own life to the cult, saving Mae from the group that no longer needed her.

The reason Detective Lopez is so concerned about the cult’s disappearance is because they could reemerge at any time, continuing the cycle of terror and violence.

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IMDB score is 5.9

Rotten Tomatoes score is 50%

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